What to Wear: How to Dress for a Maternity Portrait Session

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What to Wear: How to Dress for a Maternity Portrait Session

What to Wear {Part 4: Maternity}

As a photographer, it can help your customers when you direct them on what to wear. The next number of weeks, guest writer Kelsey Anderson will be providing information to help you coach your customers on what to wear.

When booking a portrait session I think it is almost always a given that the client is going to ask for suggestions on what to wear. I struggled with this question when I was first starting out. My clients would come dressed in matching outfits or in the same color head to toe. These clothing choices do not make for the most visually appealing image, right?

I knew that I had to change my clients way of thinking when it came to choosing outfits for their portraits. I personally believe that is part of my job to help style a session. This gives my clients another reason to hiring me over going to a chain portrait studio. I always tell them to choose items with good color, texture (ie, knits, ruffles, denim) and accessories. I tell them to think coordinating not matching. I even go as far as offering to come to their homes and dig through their closet with them or tell them to bring a trunk full of options and we can put together outfits on location.

When styling a maternity session I tell my clients to wear clothing that really shows off that baby belly! Empire styles dresses are beautiful and show of the expectant mother’s belly nicely. Form fitting tank tops with a over sweater adds layers and texture to an image. You can have the client pull the sweater back a bit to help accentuate the belly. I like to have my maternity clients where jewelry. With the emphasis being on the belly for the session and a lot of up close images of the belly a nice bracelet or ring really add more visual appeal in my opinion. If you are doing a more intimate session inside your clients home you can use a mans dress shirt and a cute pair of boy shorts. I know for me when I get towards the end of my pregnancies I feel frumpy and just ready to have my sweet baby in my arms. I love that maternity sessions give us mommies a chance to get dressed up and really show off the beauty of pregnancy!

Here are a few items I love for maternity sessions. I like to keep ideas of clothing choices fresh in my clients head and don’t want to have to have them dig through my blog to find them.

Recommended Stores:
A Pea in the Pod
Due Maternity
Kiki’s Fashions Maternity
Bella Blu Maternity
Destination Maternity

Clothing images are from A Pea in the Pod

Kelsey Anderson is a natural light photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, children, senior and family photography.

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What to Wear: How to Dress for a Maternity Portrait Session