Top 20 Hottest Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers for $50 or Less

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™

Top 20 Hottest Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers for $50 or Less

Top 20 Hottest Holiday Gifts for Photographers for $50 or Less: Shopper’s Guide

(Not quite 20 anymore – as we tried to remove older products that are not available anymore)

Hanukkah and Christmas are coming. If you are looking to buy your photographer friends or relatives gifts this holiday season, but cannot quite afford to get them each a new Canon SLR or a shiny new professional series L Lens, you will love these fun, creative ideas! If you are a photographer, make sure to “share” a link to this post so you can get some of these fun goodies too! Make sure to SHARE this post on Facebook and Twitter if you enjoyed it, and to leave a comment letting us know your favorite item on the list.  Mine is the lens mug, but there are a bunch of close 2nds.



Lens MugWhile it might not be as good as the “real thing,” photographers need caffeine! And what better way to drink it than in a lens.  These make amazing gifts and work well for both beverages and as pen and pencil holders, which is how I use mine.

canon lens mug

MCP Actions e-Gift Cards: Want the perfect, paperless gift? How about giving some Photoshop actions, Lightroom Presets, or Photoshop online training to a photographer this holiday season? Since you may not know exactly what is on their wish lists, an e-Gift Card is perfect! Available in $25, $50 and more… (cannot mention those other denominations since the title is $50 or less…)


Designer Camera Straps: These new Mod camera straps by jill-e designs are fun and functional. Lots of others to choose from too.

camera straps for photographers

Lens Bracelets: A whole new twist on manual focus. Instead of adjusting focus, you get to wear these replica focusing rings on your wrist!

Lens focus ring bracelets


What the Duck Cartoon Book for Photographers: This book is perfect for those who love to laugh and enjoy taking pictures. Both hobbyist and professional photographers will find humor in these duck photographer cartoons. At this price, it makes for a great stocking stuffer.

what the duck book

Camera Necklace: How fun is this old time camera necklace?  I love it. Simple, cute and affordable.

camera necklace

Camera Cufflinks: What a fun gift for the male photographer. Great for the wedding photographer that has to get dressed up to shoot.

silver camera cufflinks

Camera Dial Cufflinks: These are equally as fun and slightly more casual cufflinks for the male photographer.

camera dial cufflinks for photographers

Cell Photo Wide Angle Lens, Fish Eye, Telephoto and Macro Lenses: You know you want more flexibility when you are on the go.  These cell phone lens attachments are super fun, creative and make a great gift.

cell phone wide angle lens

Vintage Camera Bookends: These are just sweet! I would love something like this for my office.  Hint, hint… And while on the topic, I have always wanted an old fashion vintage camera to display.   Lots of these on eBay.

vintage camera bookends

The Gift of Time!: The most valuable thing I can think of is time.  We never have enough of it.  Autoloader is a program that works inside Photoshop CS3, CS4, or CS5, and I use it to batch edit my images. You have to use it to truly understand.  But it is a great gift for any Photoshop enthusiast who spends too much time editing! See a video tutorial of how it works and how I use it.

autoloader for photoshop



Wooden Digital Frame: You take beautiful pictures.  Why not display them in a digital picture frame?

digital picture frame

Photo-opoly: This gift can go both ways.  Buy it for a photographer OR photographers, you can buy it, fill it in and give it as a completed game to your friends and family. If you love Monopoly, you will cherish this even more.

monopoly for photographers

Understanding Exposure: This classic book by author Bryan Petersen is a MUST HAVE introduction to photography.  If you have a new photographer on your holiday shopping list (or if you are one), you need this book!

Understanding Exposure book by Bryan Petersen

Personal GPS Location Finder: As a photographer, do you ever wander from place to place, only to realize you are lost?  Bushnell’s personal GPS location finder will help you find your way back to where you started.  So now you can roam wherever you want, check out new locations, and find new areas to shoot…and still make it back.

GPS tracker and location finder for photographers

And lastly … this one does not cost you anything!  Our free Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. Enjoy!

resize and sharpen for facebook


Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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Top 20 Hottest Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers for $50 or Less