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week 43 recap and introduction theme week 44

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week 43 recap and introduction theme week 44

Did someone say week 43? Whoa slow down. Just 8 weeks until Christmas… and only 9 weeks until we have reached the end of the year. We must be reaching the busy part of the year for everyone as there weren’t as many photos to choose from as usual. Only about 3.5 pages at the point of writing this blog post. There has been plenty of talent lurking in the shadows though. Here are my 10 for this week.
MCP 43/52 Shadows
43/52 Shadows

capturing shadows
cheng bee
Shadows - week 43/52
Amber Adamson
Shadows - 43/52
Rebecca Weaver
365 Self - Day 136 / MCP Project 52 Week 43 - Shadows
Fur Will Fly
43/52 Shadows - MCP Project 52
Sheryl Salisbury
43/52 Shadows
Week 43/52 {Shadows}


And that brings us to week 44. For this week we have chosen the theme ‘Muted Tones’. I chose a back lit photo for this. The back lighting already causes the colours to wash out a bit, make them more muted. I then gave it some MCP treatment by running some of the fabulous fusion actions over the image. In the photo below I used Vanilla Cream and Heartfelt both without any tweeking to emphasize the muted colours and give this shot more of a beachy feel. (eventhough it was shot near a river).


This blog post was put together by Marieke Broekman, who lives in New Zealand with her 2 children.






Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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  1. Schae D Photography
    October 29, 2011 at 11:23 am —

    What great photos you selected and what great photos this week. I didn’t get a chance to even attempt anything, as it was nothing but BLAH in the Metro Detroit area this past week. Did the sun even shine in the Metro area this past week? I don’t recall it doing much of anything – well, other than rain!

    Great job everyone!!

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week 43 recap and introduction theme week 44