MCP Project 52: week 48 re-cap and introducing week 49

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MCP Project 52: week 48 re-cap and introducing week 49

Twinkle, twinkle…. little stars that you all are! So impressive to see how many people have their Christmas trees up already! Plenty of wonderful glimmering bokeh-licious images in the pool this week. But it isn’t just the Christmas lights that twinkle as many of you have shown too. I saw some frosty ones too. Seems weird when here in New Zealand we’ve just entered the season of bbq’s and beach parties. Summer started here on December 1st. Yep we have Christmas in the summer. For my little family it will be a lush bbq for Christmas dinner, dressed in jandals, shorts and t-shirts most likely followed by a big walk on the beach.

As we are nearing the end of MCP Project 52 I’d like to remind you that we will be doing things a little bit different for the last two blog posts of the year. All is explained in this discussion post in the flickr group, but in short this means that in week 51 you get to choose your own 2 favourites (one of your own and one from someone else) and in week 52 those that have entered a photo on theme every week since the start of MCP Project 52 get to enter their favourite from the year.

People must be getting busy this time of the year as there weren’t nearly as many to choose from as usual but still more than enough sparkly goodness to make choosing my 10 favourites hard as ever. As always if you click on the photo you can leave some appreciation for the particular image. Or you can click on the link below the photo which will take you directly to the photographer’s flickr stream.

48/52 | twinkle twinkle {msullivan photography}
Mary Sullivan

twinkle twinkle
wish upon a star
Jennifer Ku

Jessica Kiser
Twinkle Twinkle (Week 48/52)
Jessica Robertson
Twinkle Twinkle
mQn Photography
Fun with sparklers (MCP 52 Twinkle)
Bronwyn Willett

Nikki Pawlaczyk
MCP 48/52  twinkle twinkle
Terry Lynn Ayers
Week 48 - Twinkle, Twinkle
Maureen Anne

For week 49 we are kind of staying with the Christmas theme, or not. Totally depends on how you interpret it. Week 49 entries should be all about traditions. It was a fitting theme for me as my son asked me the other day if we had any family traditions. He didn’t seem to think we did. But we sure do! Here is one of them, totally unique to most New Zealand children (unless of Dutch descent). On December 5 Sinterklaas comes to visit the Dutch children and in the few weeks leading up to it all kids get to set their shoe by the fire place at night with a little treat for Sinterklaas’ horse. (a little bit more information should you be interested) Eventhough I don’t celebrate Sinterklaas as such with my kids they do get to set their shoe once the night before. In the morning they’ll find a little treat in their shoe. (I wish I had been able to find a carrot with the greenery still attached for a better photographic effect)

This week’s blog post was written by Marieke Broekman, a Dutch import to New Zealand for 13 years. She’s a Nikon girl dreaming of giving up her day job to realize her dream venture that she aspires will one day combine her two greatest passions: photography and mixed media art. She shares her life with her 2 children and 2 cats.


Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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MCP Project 52: week 48 re-cap and introducing week 49