MCP Project 52: Week 50 Featured – Week 51 Launch

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MCP Project 52: Week 50 Featured – Week 51 Launch

Guess you all are busy with preparing things for the holidays. Looking for recipes to cook, searching for words to write on the Christmas card, listening to Christmas songs. Telling your (grand)children about Santa Claus, decorating the tree and your house and much more.  Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones. But it is also a time to think about the ones you’ve lost. And during these days the pain sometimes feels more painful than on other days during the year.

This weeks subject was Festive Color. I saw a lot of greens and reds. I love to go through them. Here are my favorite ones in no particular order. If you click on the picture or link beneath it a new window will open. Show the photographers some love. If you click on the name beneath the picture it will lead you to the photostream in a different window.

Rebecca Weaver




Janelle McBride

Mary Sullivan


Sheryl Salisbury

Congratulations to all those who have been featured this week. We will be adding the MCP Project 52 ” I am featured”  badge to your photo over Flickr.


The theme of week 51 is: Holiday Cheer. There definitely should be no lack of entries this week. Holiday Cheer means to me our Christmas prom at the dance school. But that is scheduled for next Friday.
Years ago I entered the office great hallway during the holiday season. It was my 1st Christmas working in this building. I entered and suddenly a beautiful Christmas tree caught my eye. It was the biggest tree inside a building. This tree was decorated beautiful. I stood there for a few seconds, just enjoying the moment.
I work in a different building right now but every year there is a Christmas Tree. This one is also beautiful classic decorated.

This weeks post was brought to you by Anna Francken {Blog}

Anna lives in the Netherlands. Anna loves to dance (ballroom and latin), read a good book, watch a great movie and have a nice dinner with family and friends. She also loves photography. She is still learning and developing her photography skills. She works fulltime at a bank.

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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MCP Project 52: Week 50 Featured – Week 51 Launch