MCP Project 52: Week 51 Featured – Week 52 Launch

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MCP Project 52: Week 51 Featured – Week 52 Launch

Happy Holidays! This thread was written and selected in advance due to the fact that a lot of us are celebrating/taking time to spend with our families. The top 10 for this week were chosen based on a thread on Flickr where participants were able to nominate others and share their favorite photo from this year’s fun.

Here are the top 10 photos that you nominated/chose as your favorites.

Lazy {Double L Photo}

“I love the colors and tone of the photo…along with the beach! I thought it fit the theme “lazy” really well! ”

Too see myself as others see me… {Shananna83}

“This is my favorite of mine: How others see me on week 15. I had a hard time that week figuring out how to photograph this theme. but this is what i came up with and this ended up being one of the 10 picked at the end of that week. :)”

Princess… for a day… honoring earth day {Moopiecow}

“Hard to choose one, but have loved this from the start! Princess for a day.”

Water {Andrewfierro}

“This is my favorite in the group. I love the color and the perfection of the single drop of water.”

Enchanted Reading {Jen Foster Photo}

“I love this photo of my son reading in the fog. I think it fit the Enchantment theme from week 23 perfectly.”

Princess for a day {Kari’s World}

“I love this photo from Karisworld for the princess for a day week. I like the focus and depth…and that cupcake looks so good! ”

Just for Fun {Fur Will Fly}

“I chose this one because it makes me smile and I start imagining what the rubber duck might be thinking while watching the ‘real’ ducks on the water!!”

Need for Speed {KathrynDJI}

“This was my favorite due to the lighting, the muted tones, and the meaning this project had for me. ”

First Day of Kindergarten {Jen Foster Photo}

Nature’s Finest {Puttknob Photography}

Next week’s featured photos have already been selected from a thread on flickr located here. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK TO GO! YAY! We made it!

Be sure to stay tuned because BIG THINGS ARE COMING FOR next year’s MCP Project! Lots of details in the very near future. We can’t wait to share!


This weeks’ photos and post were selected and written by Haleigh Rohner, owner of Haleigh Rohner Photography {website/blog/facebook} and Fanciful Frames {website/blog/facebook}. It has been such a treat to help in browsing/modding/selecting featured photos throughout this year. You all have truly inspired me! Thanks for a great year!


Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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MCP Project 52: Week 51 Featured – Week 52 Launch