The BEST Way to Install Lightroom Presets

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™

The BEST Way to Install Lightroom Presets

Installing Lightroom Presets is easy!

While there are many ways to install presets, we are going to share you the best way which keeps them organized. Once you download our Free Lightroom Presets or our photographer-tested, time-saving Quick Clicks Collection LR Presets, there is no need to navigate to a specific folder on your computer.

So, when you’re ready to install your shiny new MCP presets, start here.  If you’d prefer a video, you can watch one at the bottom of this page.

  1. Download the presets.  You can either use the download link in the email you will receive after purchase, or you can download them from your account on our website. See the FAQs if you need more details.
  2. Unzip the presets.  Usually, all this takes is a double click or a right click. But you can Google unzipping if you need assistance for your specific operating system.
  3. Save the presets into your Document files, Desktop, or some other location where you can easily access them. Make sure to back up your purchase to an external hard drive and a CD or DVD.
  4. Copy the folders that contain the presets.  It’s important that you copy the 5 individual folders for Quick Clicks rather than the files inside them.  To copy, click and drag to select all 5 folders – or SHIFT Click.  Type Control or Command C.  (If you are installing Mini Quick Clicks, you will only have one folder to copy.)
  5. Open Lightroom.
  6. On Macs, go to the Lightroom Menu and select Preferences.  On PCs, go to the Edit Menu and select Preferences.
  7. Go to the Presets tab of the preferences window.
  8. Should you check the “Store presets with catalog box”?  If you’ve installed presets before and you did store them with the catalog, then yes, you do want to check this box.  If this is your first time to install presets, leave it unchecked.  If you install MCP presets and can’t find other presets that you’ve already installed, repeat the installation process with this box in the opposite setting.
  9. Click on the folder that says “Show Lightroom Presets Folder.”  Inside this new folder, open Lightroom, then Develop Presets.  On Macs, it looks like this:On PCs, it looks like this:
  10. Paste your copied presets into this Develop Presets folder.  The shortcut for pasting is Control or Command V.
  11. Close Lightroom.  Next reopen it and your presets will appear.  To locate them, go to the Develop Module, and look for your new presets on the left.

And that is that.  Would you rather watch a video?  This is for you:

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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The BEST Way to Install Lightroom Presets