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Month: February 2012



Love or Leap – February in Review!

Thanks to everyone who took the leap this month and participated in Project 12! The Project 12 Team was impressed at the range of interpretations of the themes.  The images were fabulous, which made it close to impossible to pick only a few favorites. Some of these were favorites from the first time I saw…

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 4.49.26 PM

Effectively Use Lens Correction in Lightroom

Determine if you like your photos to distort or auto fix around the edges by watching this video on Lens Correction in Lightroom.


MCP Project 12 Becomes “Project MCP”

Sometimes as a business you design something with the best of intentions and it flops. Our MCP Project 52 from 2011 was a huge success, but it was extremely time consuming for all the team leaders. As such, we redesigned it for 2012, into something more manageable: MCP Project 12. Unfortunately after two months, I…


Subtle Photo Editing With Photoshop Actions Make A Big Difference

When you nail your exposure, white balance and focus, editing is a breeze using Photoshop actions. Learn quick steps to make your photos pop.


Winner of the Camera Giveaway + Amazon Gift Certificate

After more than 258,000 entries by 39,000 photographers, our camera giveaway has concluded. Let’s start by announcing the winner of the $100 Gift Certificate to Amazon. Now my twins Ellie and Jenna will announce the winner, which was selected at random using the Punch Tab app. Watch to see if you won a brand new…


30+ Creative Studio Backdrop Ideas for Photographers on a Budget

If you do not have excess money to spend but want cool looking backdrops, we have more than 30 great ideas to get you started.


Which Photoshop Actions Recipe Do You Prefer?

Which edit do you like best – come critique and pick your favorite.

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How Copyright Law Applies to Photographers and Bloggers

Learn how can photographers protect their photographs from copyright infringement and how can bloggers make sure they do not infringe.

Did Someone Remove The Copyright Notice From Your Photograph?

Did Someone Remove The Copyright Notice From Your Photograph?

Learn what to do if someone removes the copyright or watermark from your images and uses them without your permission.


Blueprint: Enhancing Colors and Depth with MCP’s Fusion Photoshop Action Set

Watch Step-by-Step how a photographer gives more color and life to her photos. Then try it yourself!


8 Goal Setting Obstacles for Photographers and How To Overcome Them

If you get stuck on how to accomplish your goals, these ideas will give you the push you need. No more excuses!


Special Tax Advice: How Photographers Can Get The Right Look From The I.R.S.

Special Tax Advice: How Photographers Can Get The Right Look From The I.R.S.


Using Photoshop to Achieve the Lomography Technique

Learn how to use post processing to get the Lomo Effect.


How to Achieve Creamy Newborn Skin Using Photoshop

Get better newborn skin quickly and easily. Just follow the steps in our easy Photoshop tutorial.


MCP Project 12: {Month Two} Love or Leap

Join MCP Project 12 to grow as a photographer. Photograph images based on a theme and challenge yourself.


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