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Month: June 2012



Project MCP: Highlights from June, Challenge #4 and July Challenges

re·fresh verb (used with object) 1. to provide new vigor and energy by rest, food, etc. (oftenused reflexively). 2. to stimulate (the memory). 3. to make fresh again; reinvigorate or cheer (a person, themind, spirits, etc.). 4. to freshen in appearance, color, etc., as by a restorative. This week’s challenge was to depict the word “refresh” in a photo. Having just refreshed my own body and spirit during a week long vacation at the beach, I related to this week’s Flickr gallery on a personal level. As usual, it was a difficult choice, but here are…


The Injustice of Fixing Photos in Photoshop: And An Edit Challenge

Should we only accept perfectly exposed and white balanced images or is editing to fix images acceptable? Learn if Photoshop is doing an injustice to photographers.


The Ultimate Shootsac Lens Bag Giveaway + Discount Code

If you want to carry your camera gear in style, make sure to enter to win a Shootsac or Tote & Shoot camera bag now.


Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star, Teaches You How to Pose Couples

Get tips on how to pose couples from the fabulous wedding photographer, Jasmine Star.


Project MCP: June, Challenge #3 Highlights

Summer is the time to let your hair down and let it “all hang out”. June’s, Challenge #3 was to snap a candid photo; the perfect place to show us what is going on in and around your world this summer. The Flickr gallery is full of candid inspiration; from tender and sweet to dynamic and…


How to Edit Dog Photographs Using Photoshop Actions: 3 Looks

Learn different styles of editing your pet photos. We edit this dog three different way, explaining our step by step edits.


Working with Dogs and Their Owners for Amazing Pet Portraits

Here are tips on working with dogs and their owners to capture amazing portraits.


4 Tips For Breaking Into The Pet Photography Niche

If you love photographing animals, here’s a way you can make a living doing what you love.


Project MCP: Highlights for June, Challenge #2

This week’s challenge was to snap a night photo. Night photos can be tricky to capture, but are oftentimes some of the most dramatic and beautiful images caught on film (or SD card).  This week’s Flickr gallery is full of night landscapes, activities and portraits taken in dynamic night settings.  Here are a few of…


10 Things to Photograph on Every Vacation

When traveling on vacation, or “holiday” as they say in Australia, there are certain things I recommend photographing to showcase your experience and the destination. On my recent trip to Australia, sponsored by Tourism Queensland, I used a combination of equipment explained in our perfect pack list for photographers to capture this “opportunity of a…


How To Have Your Status Updates Show In The Facebook News Feed Again

Fix Your Facebook News Feed:

Social networking is trial and error. Lately, Facebook has been throttling businesses from showing consistently in the news feed of “likers.” Though a perfect solution is unclear, here is a work around.


The Perfect Photographer Pack List For Your Next Vacation

Here’s the perfect photography pack list for your next vacation.


Project MCP: June, Challenge #1 Highlights

The weather is heating up for the summer and so is Project MCP! We hope the warmer temperatures will inspire you to head outside with your camera to capture all your summer memories. This week’s challenge was to capture “summer love” in a photo. The photos were amazing; here are some of the Project MCP…

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.18.33 AM

How to Edit Darker Skin Newborn Babies Using Photoshop Actions

Edit your newborn images with our tools in a few quick steps. You will wonder how you did it with them.


Brief Glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

At this moment I am in a blogging workshop with Darren Rowse of Digital Photography School in the rainforest near Port Douglas in Australia. When I get back to the US I’ll share all the details of this once in a lifetime trip sponsored by Tourism Queensland. After a long plane ride, actually three planes,…


8 Essential Soothing Techniques for Successful Newborn Photography

If the baby is comfortable and handled well, you will get better newborn images. Here are 8 soothing techniques you, as a photographer, can use.


Keeping Your Passion For Photography Alive As a Pro Photographer

Get out of a rut and start enjoying photography again!


Project MCP: Tamron Lens Winner Announcement and June Themes

May was a busy and exciting month for Project MCP. The possibility of one lucky participant winning a Tamron lens has had the Flickr gallery flooded with creative interpretations of this months’ challenges. Today, before we announce the winner of the lens, I want to share a favorite from each week’s challenge, so get ready…


The Equipment Dilemma: The Lightweight VS The Heavyweight (Which Are You?)

Do you carry a lot of gear or travel lightly? Here’s travel dilemmas I often face.


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