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5 Favorite Silhouette Images From Queensland, Australia

5 Favorite Silhouette Images From Queensland, Australia

One of my favorite things to photograph is sunset silhouettes. The silhouettes come from people or objects darkened to the point that no detail left. This is a fairly easy photography technique to master – as it involves exposing for the brighter background.

Here are a few helpful tutorials on photographing and editing silhouette images:

Here are my top five favorites taken from my trip to Tropical North Queensland, sponsored by Tourism Queensland. Each of these was edited in Lightroom using the Quick Clicks Collection Lightroom Presets, which include some specifically for silhouette images. The two super-intense ones had additional Lightroom editing with the vibrance and saturation sliders. Which one do you like best?  Let us know please.

sunset silhouette of boats

helicopter silhouette

sunset silhouettes

sunset silhouette of a sailboat

sunset silouettes

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  1. LLMphotos
    July 17, 2012 at 10:21 am — Reply

    Great photos!! Such great memories!

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5 Favorite Silhouette Images From Queensland, Australia