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Month: September 2012



Project MCP: Highlights for October, Challenge #1

October signals the middle of the Fall season (in most parts of the world) and as we head towards the shortest day of the year (the Winter Solstice in December) the days will continue to grow shorter, casting long shadows. Shadow and silhouette photos evoke a sense of mystery and emotion because it leaves part…

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How to Use Photoshop Actions to Enhance an Already Great Photo

Photoshop actions can both fix and enhance photos. The more dramatic examples are “saves” but today we’ll show you how to make what you have even better.


How to Use Photoshop Actions to Enhance an Already Great Photo

Photoshop actions can both fix and enhance photos. The more dramatic examples are “saves” but today we’ll show you how to make what you have even better.


Elements 11 Makes Installing and Using Photoshop Actions Easier

If you use PS Elements for editing, you may want to upgrade to Elements 11, the best version Adobe has made when it comes to using Photoshop actions.


How To Choose Which Images To Keep Versus Delete

When sorting through thousands of images, there are some quick rules that will help you decide which to choose and which to discard. Here’s how.


The Importance of Working with Photography Mentors

How I Got My Mentor: Growing up, I was always the kid lugging a camera around to local horse shows and events to photograph my friends and try new techniques. I rode horses competitively from age 5 to 17, when I was forced to slow my pace down due to a surgery. To fill the…


Project MCP: Highlights for September Challenge #4 and October Challenges Revealed

Happy First Day of Fall! Turns out it is the perfect time to capture those special Fall moments in full color. As the days become shorter, the leaves begin to change and a golden glow surrounds the dawn and dusk. This week’s challenge was to capture a photo of Fall colors and I was so…


Contest For A Family Posing Guide + 3 Keys for Successful Family Portrait Sessions

Learn how to conduct successful family portrait sessions and pose families.


7 Tips on How To Become a Food Photographer

What type of Photography Do You Enjoy? Almost immediately, I knew that I didn’t want to be a portrait or wedding photographer. It just wasn’t as exhilarating for me as taking photos of my favorite sushi. Recently, I made the decision to begin my adventure into the professional food photography world. I want to encourage…


Project MCP: Highlights for September, Challenge #3

The days are becoming a little shorter, the weather is much cooler in the early morning and late evening (even though it was still 83 degrees in the middle of the afternoon), school is back in session, Sunday football has begun and the leaves are just beginning to change colors and fall to the ground.…


Lightroom Sharpening Layer Mask: The Hidden Secret

The more you edit in Lightroom, the more time you save.  This sharpening tip will give you one more way to maximize your editing time. When sharpening a photo in Photoshop, using a layer mask will usually give you the best result.  Some areas we want to be sharp, like eyes and jewelry.  Other areas…


How To Use Social Media To Expand Your Photography Business

  This is a social media guest post, by Doug Cohen of Frameable Faces, about his approach to social networking for he and his wife’s photography studio. Learn from their experiences.  Providing a complete how-to on all of the social media platforms could easily be a 3,000 page book. So instead I’ll summarize our experience…


Overcoming Information Overload: Time-Management Tips

Are you a victim of information overload? Do you have trouble completing what you started?Get better time management skills now


Project MCP: Highlights from September, Challenge #2

 To teach – 1. to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in 2. to impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to This week’s challenge was to capture a photo that illustrates the word “teach” or “teacher”. There were several beautiful interpretations in the Flickr gallery. Here are the Project MCP team’s favorites: Submitted by austinsGG Submitted by julieamankin Submitted by Els_stra Submitted by Tonionick1  Great work everyone! Thank you…


Cook Up Better Food Photos With This Lightroom Presets Recipe

Cook up better images with this editing recipe.


5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Next Lens

In the past 10+ years I have always bought camera equipment as I had the funds for it. Often times, I would sell one lens that I no longer wanted to pay for a different lens. Since most lenses retain a high % of their value, I acted as my own lens rental company, buying…


Winner of the Tamron 24-70mm Lens

The winner of the Tamron 24-70mm lens is: Angel Rangel. Congratulations!  We have emailed you to confirm your prize. For everyone else, check back this Fall as we plan to do one more giveaway with this lens.  And if you love actions and presets, we have lots of other exciting news coming this fall as well.


Project MCP: Highlights from September, Challenge #1

September is one of my favorite months. It means cooler weather, shorter days, vibrant colors and of course, back to school. As an educator, I always look forward to the beginning of a new school year. It is a chance for a fresh start; a year full of possibilities. This week’s challenge was to capture…


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