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Month: December 2012



The Secret to Taking Great Photographs: For New Photographers

At this time of year there are so many new photographers. People get dSLR cameras and/or editing software for the holidays. Others have cameras and make resolutions to take more pictures or get great photographs in the new year. It is great!!! Welcome to the mostly fabulous world of photography and editing. The best ways…


Project MCP: Highlights from December, Challenge #4

The bows have been untied, the wrapping paper has been torn off, and the boxes opened with squeals of delight. Wishes came true for the young and old alike on Christmas morning. Did your Christmas wish come true? December, Challenge #4 was to capture a photo of your Christmas wish. Some wishes were tangible, like cars…


How to Create Soft, Dreamy Landscape Images

I think those of us who have gone into business miss taking photos “just for fun.” Obviously, we love our businesses but being able to take the camera and just shoot for yourself is a rare gift. It was one I was grateful to experience during my recent travel to Kansas to visit my husband’s…


Back to Basics Photography: In depth Look at F-Stop, Aperture and Depth of Field

Learn to control your depth of field by understanding f-stop and aperture.


Project MCP: Highlights, December, Challenge #3

The term “Christmas Spirit” has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it is a feeling of being jolly and having more tolerance and patience, while for others it is the essence of giving and being grateful for the things they have and the blessings they can share. With Christmas only 3 days away, people…


Combine Great Light and Great Photo Editing for the Best Possible Photos

Transform your images with our photoshop actions: get hazy tones of Spring, vivid colors of Summer, rich look of Autumn, or the frosty look of Winter.


The TRUTH About Saving Files in the .JPEG Format

Saving files in the .JPEG format It is somewhat a myth that every time you save a file as a .jpeg that you lose information and compression occurs.  For a long time, many photographers have assumed that if you save your file as a .jpeg that you are losing a lot of data. You may…or…


Back to Basics Photography: In Depth Look at ISO

Learn what ISO is and how an understanding of it will help your photography.


Project MCP: Highlights from December, Challenge #2

The holidays are based on tradition. One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was counting down the days until Christmas on our homemade felted advent calendar. I have kept that tradition with my own growing family and added several others, including; opening Christmas jammies  on Christmas Eve, making cookies for Santa and this guy; he…


Photoshop Actions + Raw Formula for a Matte Look with Pop

This article describes how to create rich, matte color look using MCP Fusion photoshop actions.


5 Tips for the Perfect Newborn Holiday Picture

Everyone wants the perfect holiday picture of their little ones to send to friends and family. Taking that perfect newborn picture is harder than it sounds! Here are 5 tips to get you started taking the perfect newborn holiday picture: Take lots of pictures – the more you take the more choices you will have. You may…


Back to Basics Photography: Interaction Between ISO, Speed and F-Stop

Learn the basics of the exposure triangle to get the perfect exposure every time. Mix these ingredients for great images.


Project MCP: Highlights from December, Challenge #1

I am ashamed to say that it is December 7th and I still haven’t decorated my Christmas tree. As a matter of fact, if it hadn’t been for our family Elf on the Shelf, “Scout”, it might still be in the box. Christmas tree aside, I have managed to get  a few of my favorite…


How To Create Faux Snow With Photoshop Actions

Learn to add a wintery feel to your images and create faux snow using Photoshop actions.


Back to Basics Photography: Exposure Control

Learn how to get better photos in camera. Master exposure control while taking the shot, by adjusting your aperture, speed, and ISO.


3 Tips To Capturing Unique Photos in Ordinary Places

Learn how to quickly turn ordinary locations into extraordinary ones with these easy steps.


Project MCP: Highlights from November Challenge #5 and December Challenges Reveal

I love the holiday season! Silver bells, mistletoe, evergreen trees with twinkling lights and Santa in the mall, I really enjoy watching the season evolve; trees, streets, houses and even whole towns coming to life with lights and good cheer (and of course a Humbug or two). This week’s Project MCP challenge was to capture…


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