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MindShift announces 180 degrees backpack

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MindShift announces 180 degrees backpack

Exploring photographers will receive a helpful hand from MindShift Gear. The creators of Think Tank Photo and conservation photographer Daniel Beltra have designed a new backpack that delivers an integrated waist-rotating beltpack.

Front view of Mindshift 180 Backpack, together with photographic gear

Camera gear is pretty bulky and hard to travel with. Being a wildlife or exploring photographer means some have to carry pretty much everything with them: telephoto lens, normal lens, tripods, food, guidebooks, and the list can go on. Thus, they have to pack everything as tight and as organized as possible. According to MainGear, this is where the Rotation 180 backpack steps on stage. The rotating camera beltpack is also considered to be the best method for carrying photo gear.

Beltpack arrangement possibilities

The beltpack rotates from inside of the backpack, to the front of the body, and it features four possible configurations. It can carry a standard or pro DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached to it, a standard or pro DSLR with two lenses and other accessories, or a DSLR with a short lens, a strobe, remote control cord, cable release, and an extra lens. The best possible configuration is to carry the camera around the neck, thus leaving the beltpack accessible for most of the lenses and accessories. This also means that the main compartment of the backpack can be filled with clothes or other accessories, according to one’s photography style.

backpack side pockets closeups

The backpack boasts having a total of five external pockets. The left side pocket can hold a full size 3L hydration bladder. On the lower left side there’s also a stretch pocket that can hold quickly needed items, but it can also be used as a tripod holder, walking sticks or stool. The front pocket is designed to fit jackets or other clothing essentials, as it’s a super expandable one. The top pocket is made to fit wallets, keys and maps.

Backpack side pocket and strap pocket closeups

The shoulder strap pockets are perfect for sunglasses, GPS devices, cell phones or other needed items. The right side pocket is great to hold additional electronics and gear, safe from the weather. GPS devices, cell phones and water purifiers will be stored safely. The backpack also includes three accessories: a seam sealed water proof rain cover, an attachable accessory sling/tripod cup that can be used to carry tripods or other long items, and three compression straps. Optional accessories include: secondary top pocket (in between the top pocket and the beltpack), photo insert (designed to hold additional camera gear), tripod suspension kit, contact sheet (to place gear on it while organizing the gear), and expandable lens case (fits a 70-200 2.8 with the hood reversed).

The MindShift backpack will be available by spring 2013. Its price was not disclosed by the time this text was published.

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MindShift announces 180 degrees backpack