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Photographer Jimmy Cohrssen shares iPhoneography tips

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Photographer Jimmy Cohrssen shares iPhoneography tips

Photographer Jimmy Cohrssen shared his iPhoneography tips during an interview with Forbes contributor, Tracey Greenstein, and explained how anybody can turn the smartphone into a professional camera.

Twilight at Le Méridien in Bora Bora by Jimmy Cohrssen using iPhone
Twilight at Le Méridien in Bora Bora. Credits: Jimmy Cohrssen

Jimmy Cohrssen is a well-known photographer who worked with important brands, including Chanel and Louis Vuitton. He travels all around the world, but spends most of his time in cities like Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo.

In the interview, he explains that not even the most passionate photographer cannot capture the best moments using professional equipment, thus an iPhone could become the perfect tool when there is no time to prepare a full photography setup. Taking photos with an iPhone has become an art called iPhoneography, because images are processed differently in iOS.

An avid Instagram user

Pudong, seen from t Le Royal Méridien in Shanghai while having tea.
Tea at Le Royal Méridien in Shanghai. Credits: Jimmy Cohrssen

Cohrssen launched an exhibit, entitled “A Photographer’s Journey: A Discovery of Details from Takeoff to Turndown,” in which he presented numerous shots taken directly from iPhone’s Instagram application. The exhibit was created in partnership with Le Méridien and Air France.

The photographer acknowledged that he posts a lot of food photos on Instagram, because users love vibrant colors and “tasty food.” The iPhone application allows users to frame their photos, a technique which is helpful when shooting sunrises and sunsets.

iPhoneography tips

Le Royal Méridien Aquarium in Shanghai shot by Jimmy Cohrssen using iPhoneography techniques
Le Royal Méridien Aquarium in Shanghai. Credits: Jimmy Cohrssen

Cohrssen invites iPhone users to pay attention when sharpening their photos, because it does not work the same way as in Adobe Photoshop. He said that iPhoneographers should use apps like Photoshop Express and Filterstorm, but pay an extra attention to grain patterns.

Additionally, a tripod would be welcomed for steadier shots, though he admits that iPhoneographers are not fond of carrying heavy equipment. iPhone 4S users should purchase an aluminum casing with Turtleback clip-in lenses, stated the photographer, though other custom clip-in tools should work just as well.

One of the most important features available on the iPhone is the HDR setting, confirmed Cohrssen. This setting allows iPhone’s camera to take two images at the same time, one lighter and one darker. Another praised feature of the iOS smartphone is called Panorama, as users can take panoramic photos with this tool.

Final words

Shanghai sunset, by Jimmy Cohrssen, taken with an iPhone using Instagram
Shanghai sunset. Credits: Jimmy Cohrssen

The photographer put an end to his interview inviting iPhoneographers to create, not mimic others. Jimmy Cohrssen believes that the digital era gives smartphone users the chance to spend their time taking pictures, rather than spending a lot of time post-processing the images.

The full interview can be read at Tracey Greenstein’s personal space at Forbes.

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Photographer Jimmy Cohrssen shares iPhoneography tips