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Vogue controversial photo shoot celebrates Hurricane Sandy storm troupers

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Vogue controversial photo shoot celebrates Hurricane Sandy storm troupers

Vogue has revealed a very controversial photo shoot, depicting the magazine’s models standing alongside Hurricane Sandy first responders.

Vogue is one of the oldest magazines in the United States, the first issue being launched back in 1892. Fashion has always been controversial, but internet users and Vogue’s readers have not been too respectful about the magazine’s latest photo shoot that combines the hard work of the National Guard and New York Fire Department with models’ glamour.

Three If By Sea

Three If By Sea reminds people of the US Coast Guard
Three If By Sea – The US Coast Guard and Vogue’s models

Vogue’s first Hurricane Sandy-themed image explains how the Coast Guard’s flooded station did not prevent the crew from doing its job. A representative for the New York Coast Guard said that nothing was going to stop the crew from doing everything in its power to save lives. Shortly after that, Vogue presents the name of the models and what they are wearing.

Chain of Command

Vogue's model along the National Guard distributed supplies to Hurricane Sandy refugees
Vogue’s models photographed alongside the National Guard’s 69th Infantry

The second photo described the 69th Infantry of the National Guard, which delivered food and water to the people affected by the floods. The firemen also helped the employees of a nearby hospital, where the injured people were getting lifesaving treatment. The editor then moves on to describe the models.

Power Trip

Con Ed’s East River Generating Station restored power during Hurricane Sandy
Con Ed’s East River Generating Station crew posing along Vogue’s model

The next photo was taken at the East River Power Generating Station. The models can be seen next to the turbine deck, where operators witnessed the power going out and water entering the facility. Again, the editor writes a few words about the model and her dress.

A New Lease on Life

The Bellevue hospital crew evacuated the neonatal unit during Hurricane Sandy
Vogue models posing along with Bellevue hospital’s crew

The next image was taken at the Bellevue hospital, where the crew had to evacuate the neonatal intensive-care area because of Sandy’s devastating damage. Once again, the editor combines the hard work of the hospital’s doctors and nurses with a description of the model and her skirt.


NYPD’s Special Operations Division rescued people stranded at sea and rooftops
NYPD’s Special Operations Division pictured with a model wearing a silk top and woven jacquard skirt

NYPD’s Special Operations Division joined the Sandy battlefield to rescue stranded people from the sea or rooftops. The skirts of the models joined the photo shoot, along with the pilots and policemen who risked their lives to save those in need.

Walking the Walk

Hurricane Sandy first responders depicted along with two Vogue models
FDNY’s storm troupers walking alongside Vogue’s models

The Fire Department in New York helped evacuating people to higher ground. After saving “30 or 40 people,” the firemen and paramedics rushed to save themselves, too. They even spent a night somewhere on a bridge and, after resting for a few hours, they joined the National Guard to help the injured.

Not the first controversial Hurricane Sandy photo shoot

Last November, another model has decided to make use of the Sandy tragedy, in order to draw the media’s attention towards her. Nana Gouvea, a Brazilian model, rushed outside during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, along with her husband, in order to compile a never-seen image gallery.

Needless to say, New Yorkers did not welcome her attitude and she faced the wrath of internet users and people worldwide.

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Vogue controversial photo shoot celebrates Hurricane Sandy storm troupers