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MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Highlights From This Week

MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Highlights From This Week


MCP Photography Challenge Banner

This week we introduced a new photo challenge on the MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group. While last week’s challenge encouraged us to use the natural light to illuminate our subject matter, this week’s challenge encouraged us to turn the light around and capture a reflection.

Reflections from water, glasses and in glass, we loved seeing your take on this theme. Here are a few of our favorite images submitted to the group this week. Make sure to check the album on the group page for more reflective images.

Submitted by Amber Bullock Owens

Reflection Amber Bullock Owens

Submitted by Amy MagnetGirl 
Reflections Amy MagnetGirl

Submitted by Ginger Newgent

Reflections Ginger Newgent

Submitted by Sue Zellers

Reflections Sue Zellers

The team would like to thank everyone who submitted a photo for the challenge. You have one more week on this theme, so come join our Facebook Group and participate now.

Use the photography challenges as a way to grow as a photographer.  Be creative, try new things and shoot these images for yourself.   You have the support of a large group of photographers who can assist you and give you feedback as you work on specific themes and skills.

Edit Challenge Banner

Our edit challenges give you a chance to edit other photographer’s images, share them for critique, and see how others edit the same photographs.  Participating allows you to practice editing, learn how to give constructive criticism, and watch what steps or Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets are used in various edits.  Join us to edit a photo bi-weekly.

If you feel like exercising your creative muscles and have an idea on how you’d edit the image below, or want to see and learn what others did, <a href="http%

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MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Highlights From This Week