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Month: February 2013


Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger released for iPhone users, allowing them to control their Canon cameras and camcorders

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger controls Canon cameras via iPhone

Satechi has extended its line of useful accessories with the launch of the Bluetooth Smart Trigger for Canon cameras. The Smart Trigger can be purchased as of today and it can be installed on a Canon shooter, allowing photographers to control their cameras from an iPhone or iPad, through Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Toshiba to release Lytro-like image sensors for smartphones soon

Toshiba reveals Lytro-like image sensor for smartphones

Toshiba is the latest company to announce a new type of image sensors for smartphones. The company demoed a Lytro-like camera module, which will allow users to refocus an image after taking it. The new microlens chip will give mobile devices the ability to take light-field photos, just like a conventional Lytro shooter.

Tracy Woodward's original photo, depicting a wrestler winning a match in a tournament

Tracy Woodward’s award-winning photo disqualified by the WHNPA

White House News Photographers Association is holding a prestigious photo contest. This year’s edition was full of controversy after the WHNPA has disqualified an image for breaking the rules. Tracy Woodward’s photo won the Sports Feature / Reaction category, but his award was eventually rescinded.

SVS-Vistek has officially announced the EVO Tracer Micro Four Thirds camera

SVS-Vistek introduces EVO Tracer Micro Four Thirds camera

SVS-Vistek has kept its promise made last fall by announcing a Micro Four Thirds camera, the SVCam-EVO Tracer. This is the first Micro Four Thirds camera of its kind and it comes packed with an interesting set of features in a cube-shaped design. The camera opens the door to all kinds of applications, including surveillance.

Pentax K-01 firmware update 1.03 available for download

Pentax K-30 and K-01 firmware update 1.03 available for download now

Pentax received heavy criticism after the company released a firmware update which broke what it was supposed to fix. However, the company released a new software version, 1.03, in order to finally fix the bug which caused the contrast autofocus system to stop working, while recording videos with a variety of lenses.

Canon 60D replacement may make an official appearance on March 21 or 22

Canon 70D to be announced at the end of March?

Canon is preparing a surprise announcement at the end of March. According to sources familiar with the matter, the Japan-based company will finally replace the EOS 60D with the 70D. The brand new DSLR camera will be a significant upgrade over its predecessor and will move away from the “super Rebel” description.


The Power of Shooting in Raw: Shocking Image Inside

Want proof that you should be shooting in raw? This may seal the deal.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android smartphones released for download

Adobe Photoshop Touch now available on iPhone and Android smartphones

Adobe has finally released a Photoshop Touch version for iPhone and Android smartphones. Previously, the application was available only on the iPad and Android tablets. The app comes packed with a new set of features, many of them borrowed from the tablet version, including layers, filters, adjustments, and selection tools.

Rokinon RAW cine primes to be released soon by Duclos Lenses

Duclos Lenses unveils custom Rokinon Raw cine primes

Most photographers and film makers aim for perfection. But what happens to the people who want a little more character into their photos and movies? Well, Duclos Lenses has the answer for them in the bodies of the Rokinon Raw cine primes, a set of lenses which will add flare and other effects into the camera.

Canon was the official sponsor of the London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend

Canon shared its love for fashion during the London Fashion Week

Canon was one of the official sponsors of the London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend 2013. The company partnered with designers, bloggers, and professional photographers, who made the most out of the occasion. They joined Canon, which celebrated the power of image in fashion with the help of the company’s cameras.

Rambus introduces Binary Pixel image sensor

Rambus introduces Binary Pixel image sensor for smartphones

After the Nokia Lumia 920 announcement, everybody is trying to reveal image sensor technologies which can capture high-quality photos in low-light conditions. Rambus is one of the companies who wants a piece of the smartphone market and it thinks that the new Binary Pixel technology is the answer to all of our problems.

Canon PowerShot S100 firmware update released for download

Canon S100 and S110 firmware update released for download

Canon took its time to release an update for both of its PowerShot S100 and S110 cameras. The firmware update for the S100 and S110 can be downloaded right away, in order to fix a bug causing the control ring to malfunction. Additionally, Canon’s update fixes a WiFi connection problem on the S110 high-end compact camera.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 high-end compact camera is rumored to replaced soon with a new shooter

Nikon announcing high-end compact camera within two weeks?

Nikon is set to continue the tradition of high-end compact cameras with the launch of a new Coolpix shooter. The new camera is rumored to feature a DX-sized 16.2-megapixel APS-C image sensor. The surprise here is that the new Coolpix high-end camera may be announced in the next couple of weeks.

New Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic to be introduced in April 2013

Olympus and Panasonic to launch new Micro Four Thirds cameras in April

Olympus is losing money with its digital camera business, while Panasonic has returned to profitable ways. Both companies are trying to keep up the pace with the big guys and the only way to do this is by announcing new gear. Olympus and Panasonic fans may get what they deserve this April, courtesy of new Micro Four Thirds cameras.

DKNY agreed to donate $25,000 after using Brandon Stanton's photos without permission.

DKNY donates $25,000 after using HONY photos without permission

DKNY is a very popular fashion brand in the United States and rest of the world. The company wanted to make use of Brandon Stanton’s street photography of New York, but the two parties could not agree a deal. Still, DKNY used his photos without permission, but soon after that, the photographer found out and made an unusual request.

Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 release candidates available for download now

Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 RCs available for download

Adobe has released the so-called “release candidate” versions of both Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 programs. The company believes that the RAW processing and photo-editing tools are ready for consumption, therefore it is pushing their release candidates, with bug fixes and support for new cameras, to the users.

Instagram has announced that more than 100 million users are accessing the service monthly

Instagram reaches 100 million monthly active users

A little over two years after its launch, Instagram has become the biggest photo-editing and sharing service in the world. Co-founder Kevin Systrom announced the Instagram reached an important milestone: 100 million monthly active users, with millions of photos uploaded daily and thousands of comments published each second.

Aquatica AD4 underwater housing for Nikon D4 officially announced with depth rating of 130 meters / 425 feet.

Aquatica announces AD4 underwater housing for Nikon D4

Aquatica is one of the oldest companies to provide underwater housings for cameras. The company continues its tradition with the launch of the AD4 underwater housing for the Nikon D4. The owners of the DSLR can now go down to depths of more than 400 feet, without fearing for the integrity of their camera.

Sony NEX-7n coming in April to replace the NEX-7 mirrorless camera

Sony NEX-7n with new 24-megapixel sensor to be revealed this April?

After announcing the SLT-A58 and NEX-3N cameras and three new lenses, Sony is rumored to reveal a new mirrorless shooter in early April. A source has confirmed that the Sony NEX-7n will be unveiled in April, with an entirely new 24-megapixel image sensor and new internal design that should get rid of the overheating issues.


What A Photographer Sees: Heart Shaped Bokeh Lights Tutorial

Learn to turn a common light fixture into heart shaped bokeh lights.

Sony and Olympus have announced a partnership that should turn around the unprofitable camera business of the latter

Sony becomes largest Olympus shareholder following $614 million deal

In September 2012, Sony and Olympus have announced a strategic partnership for the medical equipment field. The two companies have completed the procedure, becoming allies after a $614 million payment. The agreement also states that the alliance will extend to the digital camera business, where they will focus on the MFT system.


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