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Nikon introduces WR-1 Transceiver wireless remote control

Nikon introduces WR-1 Transceiver wireless remote control

In addition to the Coolpix S3500 compact camera and the new D7100 DSLR, Nikon has announced the WR-1 Transceiver.

What a busy day today for Nikon, as the company has revealed the D7100, a DSLR replacement for the now “old” D7000, a camera launched back in September 2010. Additionally, the Coolpix S3300 was replaced by the new Coolpix S3500, a compact shooter which will become available for purchase as of tomorrow.

Beside the two cameras, the Japan-based company has introduced an accessory for Nikon DSLR cameras. It is the WR-1 Transceiver and it packs interesting features, aimed at professional photographers.

Nikon WR-1 Transceiver wireless remote control can communicate with DSLR cameras from a distance of 394 feet
Nikon WR-1 Transceiver has a communication range of 394 feet.

Nikon WR-1 Transceiver can communicate with a DSLR camera from 394 feet

The WR-1 Transceiver is a wireless remote control based on 2.4GHz radio frequency for communicating with Nikon DSLR cameras. It can communicate with a camera from a distance of up to 394 feet, provided there are favorable weather conditions and no obstacles in its “sight”.

The range of the WR-1 can be extended using two transceivers of the same kind, with one of them acting as the relay controller. It provides accessibility, so that users get instant access to the settings they need without a third-party.

It allows professionals to be in control and they can use the saved time in order to come up with some creative stuff, since the transceiver can manage the settings multiple cameras at the same time.

Nikon’s new transceiver can be “installed” on the hot shoe of any of the company’s DSLRs, which then needs to be connected to the camera via a small cable. The accessory can tilt forward with 90 degrees or it can stay upright, providing quicker access to the controls and a view of the LCD screen.

The WR-1 transceiver supports up to 15 channels and it can control four groups of cameras at the same time. Each group can perform different actions, like shooting still images or capturing videos.

Moreover, WR-R10 units can be used as receivers for the WR-1, with a pair of the WR-1 transceivers adjusting the settings, like shutter speed, ISO and aperture, on multiple cameras. This is quite useful for professional users and it could be adopted instantly by studio photographers.

The Nikon WR-1 Transceiver will be released on the European market in March 2013. Its price tag in the UK will be £649.99, with US availability and pricing to be announced soon.

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Nikon introduces WR-1 Transceiver wireless remote control