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Digital Bolex D16 2k camera reaches final design stage

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Digital Bolex D16 2k camera reaches final design stage

Digital Bolex has revealed the final design of the D16 camera, a Kickstarter project launched a year ago, which promised cheap 2k video recording.

Digital Bolex announced that the final design of the D16 has been completed. The Super 16mm-format camera retains Kodak’s CCD sensor, which can record 2k HD video and capture RAW photos. According to its creator, the camera has been the subject of more than 100 changes when compared to the original design.

Digital Bolex D16 2k camera now features a HDMI port
Digital Bolex D16 camera now features an HDMI port on the left side.

User feedback prompted creator to postpone the launch

The changes were based on heavy testing and user feedback. Joe Rubinstein wanted to thank all backers and supporters of the Kickstarter campaign. He said that the camera would have been released earlier, if it had not been for the people who gave a lot of feedback regarding the design.

Additionally, the creator decided to make the D16 out of carbonized aluminum instead of cheap plastic. This will ensure that customers will make use of the shooter “for a long time”.

Many thought that this will become a disposable camera, but Joe confirmed that he wanted to create something that would last for many years.

Digital Bolex D16 features a Super 16mm-format Kodak CCD sensor
Digital Bolex D16 2k camera can handle a 4-hour photo shoot, thanks to an improved battery.

Latest Digital Bolex D16 2k camera changes

The finished version of the body includes a removable low-pass filter, weather sealing, HDMI output port with support of up to 1920 x 1080p resolution, USB 3.0 port, secondary tripod hole, a battery provides power for up to four hours, four-pin XLR 12V power output, analog volume knobs, 24-bit 96k sound, and HD-SDI module support.

The D16 supports all 16mm lenses with C-mount format. Additionally, CCTV lenses are supported as well.

Digital Bolex D16 camera will support all C-mount lenses
10mm, 18mm, and 38mm lenses will be available for the Digital Bolex D16 camera.

Three optional lenses at the customers’ disposal

Three new lenses will be available for the customers. All of them have a fixed aperture of f/4. The 10mm offers a 35mm equivalent of 30mm, the 18mm offers 50mm equivalence, while the 38mm provides 100mm equivalence.

According to Joe Rubinstein, the Digital Bolex D16 2k camera will become available by the end of March for a price around $3,000, while the lenses will cost about $200 each. Another accessory for the shooter, an electronic focusing mount, will be priced around $500.

Last but not least, the developer confirms that the camera will become available with support for other mounts, including PL, EF, Micro Four Thirds, and B4 “soon”.

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Digital Bolex D16 2k camera reaches final design stage