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Month: February 2013


Digital Bolex D16 2k camera final specs revealed

Digital Bolex D16 2k camera reaches final design stage

Digital Bolex attracted the photographers’ attention when it announced a digital film camera capable of recording 2k videos. It has been almost a year since the D16 camera has been first introduced. However, the final design and specification sheet of the camera has been revealed only a few days ago.

Aptina has revealed 12 and 13-megapixel image sensors aimed at mobile devices

Aptina unveils 12 and 13-megapixel 4k video sensors for smartphones

This is the type of news which digital cameras makers were hoping to remain a myth. Aptina has revealed 12 and 13-megapixel sensors for smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. The company confirmed that the new sensors are capable of recording 4k videos and “impressive” photos in low-light conditions.

MIT researchers reveal new chipset for mobile image sensors

MIT researchers reveal revolutionizing chipset for mobile photography

Mobile photography will soon rival images taken with digital cameras. Advancements in the mobile industry will force camera makers to rethink their strategies. A revolutionizing technology is proposed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who have developed a new chip for mobile image sensors.

Phase One has released Capture One Express 7, a RAW processing software

Phase One releases Capture One Express 7 RAW processing software

Phase One has released a new version of the Capture One Express photo-editing software, which also acts as a RAW processing tool. As a result, Capture One Express 7 is now available for purchase. A 60-day trial is available, too, along with a bunch of upgrade offers for users who bought a previous version.

New Canon EOS M specs and price leaked on the web

Next-gen Canon EOS M mirrorless camera specs and price leaked

Canon will replace its current EOS M mirrorless camera by the end of the year. Launched in June 2012, the EOS M was not exactly a deal breaker. The company has decided to start working on a new shooter, which should become available soon. Meanwhile, the specs and price of the new EOS M have been leaked.


MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Shallow Depth of Field

Photography is all about perspective; telling a story from behind the lens. Small adjustments to aperture and shutter speed can make a huge impact on the feeling your image conveys. This week the we challenged you to explore depth of field through aperature and shutter speed changes.  One subject, two photos equals two very different…


Fix Color Casts Fast And Highlights With MCP Photoshop Actions

In a few clicks and you can fix color casts and get better color. Find out how we do it now.

New xenon flash module unveiled by Xenon Technologies and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Thin smartphones with new xenon flash technology coming in 2014

Xenon flashes are a lot better then LED flashes. The lighting is more natural, more powerful and faster. A xenon flash is too thick to fit in most smartphones and it cannot stay on for too long, meaning that users cannot shoot videos with it. However, Xenon Technologies has solved this problem with its new xenon flash module.

Microsoft and Nikon have announced a patent licensing agreement over Android cameras

Nikon and Microsoft sign patent licensing deal over Android cameras

Microsoft has a long history of going after Android smartphone manufacturers. Apparently, Android uses a technology related to an exFAT patent owned by Microsoft and a lot of companies pay royalties to the Windows maker. Well, Nikon has become the latest Android patent licensee, after signing an agreement with Microsoft.

Luxi is an accessory which turns iPhones into incident light meters

Extrasensory Devices announces Luxi, a cheap light meter for iPhone

The “Auto” mode on a DSLR camera will not always choose the correct settings, therefore photos may turn out overexposed or underexposed. Extrasensory Devices will allow all photographers to use the “Manual” mode with the help of Luxi, a very cheap incident light meter adapter which can be attached on iPhones.

Nikon D600 dust accumulation issues finally acknowledged by the company

Nikon releases statement over D600 dust / oil accumulation issues

Nikon D600 owners have reported that their images are affected by internal dust or oil accumulation issues. It took more than five months for Nikon to publicly acknowledge the issue, but the company has finally did it. Nikon also said that the problems are caused by dust stuck on the low-pass filter and that it can be fixed.

Sigma DP3 Merrill release date and price announced: March 2013 for $999

Sigma DP3 Merrill release date and price officially announced

Sigma raised a lot of eyebrows during the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, an event which took place in January,with the launch of a new 46-megapixel camera, called DP3 Merrill. The impressive camera attracted a lot of interest and those who were looking to buy a unit should know that Sigma finally announced its availability details.

Researchers developed a new type of image sensors, which could provide gesture-control in TVs and digital cameras

Austrian researchers reveal transparent and flexible image sensor

Digital cameras may finally get a design overhaul, thanks to a new type of image sensors, developed by researchers at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria. Scientists revealed a transparent image sensor, that could provide motion-tracking support, with implications in medical scanners, digital cameras, and other devices.

320-gigapixel panorama image of London is the biggest panorama photo in the world

BT creates 320-gigapixel panorama image of London using Canon 7D

British Telecommunications was one of the Olympic Games 2012 main sponsors. In order to celebrate this opportunity, the company created the world’s biggest panorama image, which measures 320-gigapixel. The photo was created from more than 48,000 frames, while post-processing lasted three months.

Nikon D7100 has been officially announced as a replacement for the D7000.

Nikon D7100 becomes official without an anti-aliasing filter

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Nikon has announced a replacement for the D7000. Behold the new D7100, a DSLR camera which features a body similar to its predecessor’s, but with entirely new specifications. The D7100 sports a high-megapixel image sensor, but drops the conventional anti-aliasing filter.

Nikon Coolpix S3500 release date, price and specs announced

Nikon S3500 compact camera officially announced

The D7100 was not the only camera announced by Nikon today. The Japanese manufacturer took its time to introduce a new Coolpix compact camera to replace the S3300, just like the D7100 replaced the D7000. It is called S3500 and will become available very soon in eight color choices, including pink, purple, blue, and red.

Nikon WR-1 Transceiver release date and specs announced

Nikon introduces WR-1 Transceiver wireless remote control

With both the S3500 and D7100 already announced, Nikon has decided to spice things up by introducing a new wireless remote control for DSLR cameras. The WR-1 Transceiver is now official, as a device which extends the range and functionality of the controls found on Nikon DSLR cameras.

Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 released for download

Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 software update now available for download

Sigma released an update for its Photo Pro image processing software. As a result, Windows and Mac OS X PC owners can now install the Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 software update, which brings with it several bug fixes and a new photo processing tool for Foveon X3 cameras, called Monochrome Mode.

DigitalRev sold a used Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera as "new"

“Used” Canon 5D Mark III sold as “new” by accident, said DigitalRev

Several days ago, a photographer announced that DigitalRev, a popular online retailer, sold him a “used” Canon 5D Mark III as “new”. He contacted the retailer’s customer service and the response was “surprising”. The company admitted to its mistakes and offered a full refund, while promising that such things will never happen again.


How To Make More Money By Selling Custom Photography Products

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Sony NEX-3N has been officially announced

Sony NEX-3N 16.1-megapixel mirrorless camera officially announced

After weeks of speculation, the Sony NEX-3N is finally here. The company introduced the NEX-F3 replacement as the world’s smallest and lightest mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor and built-in flash, weighing only 210 grams without batteries. It will become available in March along with a 16.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor.


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