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Phase One IQ280, IQ260, and IQ260 Achromatic officially announced

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Phase One IQ280, IQ260, and IQ260 Achromatic officially announced

Phase One has added three new digital camera backs to the IQ2 series, which will become available for sale this June for a five-digit price.

Phase One offers several medium-format camera systems. The company has decided to expand its lineup with three new IQ2 camera backs, which will be priced in a category out of reach for most photographers.

The new full-frame 645-format digital camera backs come packed with an interesting set of features, including 13 f-stops dynamic range, WiFi connectivity, and ultra-high megapixel resolution.

Wireless connectivity was taken to the next step with the new shooters, said Phase One Marketing Director, Jan H. Christiansen. Photographers can use this feature to focus on taking the perfect image, by editing composition and focus, added Christiansen.

Phase One IQ280

This is an 80-megapixel digital camera back with WiFi support and a minimum ISO of only 35. The manufacturer says that, at ISO 35, no other digital back can take higher-quality photos.

Phase One IQ280 is also compatible with the Capture Pilot app for iOS devices, which is available for download at the iTunes Store. It is very helpful when taking photos from a remote location.

Phase One IQ260 release date, specs, and price have been announced
Phase One IQ260 features a 60-megapixel 645-format full-frame image sensor, and an exposure range between 1/10000s and one hour.

Phase One IQ260

The company says that this digital camera back offers “unparalleled versatility”, thanks to its broad exposure range between 1/10000 seconds and one hour.

Phase One IQ260 features a 60-megapixel image sensor and 16-bit color depth RAW image capturing. This combination will allow the camera back to take “phenomenal” images, says the official press release.

Phase One IQ260 Achromatic

This device is very similar to the IQ260. However, as it name suggests, it is aimed only at black-and-white photography. The 60-megapixel sensor does not feature a color filter array, thus reducing the need for interpolation.

Phase One said that all IQ260 Achromatic’s pixels will focus on capturing the details, meaning that the back can capture ultra-high quality black-and-white photos. The Achromatic version can shoot photos in all three light spectrum, including visible, infrared, and ultraviolet.

All three IQ2 digital camera backs feature an integrated accelerometer, 3.2-inch high-resolution touchscreen, 1GB RAM, rugged build quality, and compatibility with the Capture One 7 RAW processing and photo-editing tool.

The Phase One IQ2 series release date is June 2013 for a starting price of $39,990, while the three digital camera backs are available for pre-order at select retailers.

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Phase One IQ280, IQ260, and IQ260 Achromatic officially announced