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Fotodiox RhinoCam can turn Sony NEX cameras into medium format systems

Fotodiox RhinoCam can turn Sony NEX cameras into medium format systems

Fotodiox has announced the Vizelex RhinoCam system, which can turn all Sony NEX E-mount cameras into medium format digital cameras.

Medium format cameras are very powerful and they can take ultra high-quality pictures. Their biggest downside is their price, as one unit costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam turns Sony E-mount cameras into medium formal digital systems
Fotodiox’ Vizelex RhinoCam can be attached to Sony E-mount cameras, allowing photographers to capture medium format quality images.

Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam can turn all Sony NEX E-mount cameras into medium formal digital systems

However, Fotodiox has announced that it has devised a solution that does not require photographers to spend so much money to capture medium format-quality photos.

The solution is called RhinoCam and is a part of the Vizelex series of products. This new system works in a very simple way, that will give photographers the possibility to take amazing shots with little costs and effort.

The Fotodiox RhinoCam can be attached to Sony NEX cameras. The system consists of a moving device which is located between an E-mount camera and a medium format lens. The company’s product is available with support for three lens mounts, including Hasselblad V, Pentax 645, and Mamiya 645.

Potential customers need to choose their lens mount when making a purchase, because the system is different for each type of medium format lenses.

Fotodiox Rhinocam supports Hasselblad V, Pentax 645, and Mamiya 645 lens mounts
Hasselblad V, Pentax 645, and Mamiya 645 lens mounts are supported by the RhinoCam.

Photographers still need to perform a separate stitching action

A unit costs $499.95, which is not cheap at all, but the amount fades away when compared with the price tags of conventional medium format digital cameras.

All versions work in the same way. The photographer attaches the Sony NEX camera and then the  Hasselblad V, Pentax 645, or Mamiya 645 lens on the RhinoCam. The mount adapter will keep the system in place and users can begin capturing photos.

According to Fotodiox, the lens remains in place, while the platform adjusts the camera’s sensor to take multiple exposures. When the photo shoot is over, the users needs to transfer the images on a computer and stitch them together with the help of a professional photo-editing tool, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Vizelex RhinoCam takes 140-megapixel quality photos
An example of a medium format quality photo taken with the Vizelex RhinoCam. The details remain high even at 100% crop.

RhinoCam captures 140-megapixel or higher quality photos

The resulting images will have a resolution of 140-megapixel or higher. Even though dynamic range is not comparable to the one provided by a medium format camera and annoying artifacts may be visible in the final pictures, the RhinoCam is capable of delivering high-quality imagery.

The system’s advantage is that it is moving the camera on a flat plane, rather then moving the whole camera, therefore the aforementioned artifacts can be corrected with ease with the help of professional software.

Additionally, the RhinoCam can be mounted on 4×5 boards, allowing photographers to experiment with wide-angle or tilt shift lenses among others.

Fotodiox also offers an integrated composition screen. This will give users the possibility to preview the resulting image, before transferring them to a PC.

Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam can capture panoramic images at medium format quality
Fotodiox’s Vizelex RhinoCam captures impressive panorama images at medium format quality.

Price and availability

RhinoCam is described as an innovative system, which reduces the cost by 20 to 30 times for photographers looking to purchase a medium format camera.

The company added that the better the NEX camera, the higher-quality photos will be taken with the RhinoCam.

Fotodiox confirmed that the Vizelex RhinoCam for Sony NEX E-mount cameras can be purchased right now for a price of $499.95, as all three versions for the different lens mounts are in stock. The camera and lenses are sold separately.

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Fotodiox RhinoCam can turn Sony NEX cameras into medium format systems