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ACDSee Photo Editor 6 now available for $49.99

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ACDSee Photo Editor 6 now available for $49.99

ACDSee has released a new image-editing tool for amateur and enthusiast photographers, called Photo Editor 6, as an alternative to its more professional software.

ACDSee Pro 6 is a very popular program for editing images. However, some consider it too expensive, as it is priced at about $99.99. For extra $50, photographers can get the much better Adobe Lightroom software.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 available for purchase now
ACDSee Photo Editor 6 has been released with great image-editing skills for amateur photographers. The software can also process RAW images and it comes packed with multiple effects, filters, and layouts, among many other features.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 released for only $49.99

Anyway, the company is now offering a cheaper alternative to its professional program. It is called ACDSee Photo Editor 6 and is now available for only $49.99.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 can perform simple and advanced image edits, it features a lot of effects and filters, and it is compatible with object layers.

The software also provides RAW image processing tools, while correcting common imperfections. Lighting, color, burns, and other aspects can be easily adjusted with the help of Photo Editor 6, too.

Photographers can fix red-eyes, one of the most common and annoying issues when capturing portraits with a flash.

Everything from contrast to lighting can be easily adjusted

The latest version of the ACDSee Photo Editor features LCE Technology, which can adjust contrast and brightness. The developer says that lighting can be easily fixed, therefore users should no longer worry about taking overexposed or underexposed images.

Additionally, editors can adjust the colors by enhancing certain hues, while saturation can be easily modified with the help of a slider.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 also offers sharpening and layout tools, as well as dynamic adjustments, in order to edit all image settings. After modifying the most important aspects, photographers can focus on applying filters and effects, such as vignette, blur, sepia, and black-and-white.

Batch editing is supported in this version, thanks to a new batch file processor. The program can adjust the lighting, sharpness, and color of a large number of photos at the same time.

The software is Windows 8-compatible and users can add custom EXIF data to their images

Last but not least, photographers can add metadata to their precious images, as the new software supports both EXIF and IPTC standards.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 is available for purchase right now for a price of $49.99. The company is also offering free 40GB of its own cloud storage service. The program is compatible with Windows 8 and a limited-time trial is available for all users.

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ACDSee Photo Editor 6 now available for $49.99