10 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Photograph Newborn Twins

10 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Photograph Newborn Twins

10 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Photograph Newborn Twins

Photographing twins can be a great deal of fun but also very challenging.

Below, Tracy Callahan, who teaches our MCP Online “Start to Finish Newborn Photography Workshop” shares 10 tips and tricks to help you photograph newborn twins. All photos are edited using the MCP Newborn Necessities Photoshop actions, which Tracy says cut her editing time in half.



Photographing Twins – 10 Tips and Tricks to get great twin baby images:

Tip 1

Since many twins are born before their due date, and may need to spend more time in the hospital, it is not always possible to photograph them in the first fourteen days. The best way to handle this is to schedule your session before they would be 40 weeks. This might mean that the twins are a bit older than 14 days, but they should still be quite sleepy since they were born early. If they are not born early then go ahead and schedule the same way you would a newborn session. Keep in mind that when you are photographing twins you want to be sensitive to the fact that if they spend anytime in the NICU they may associate touch with a negative response since they have become accustomed to touch resulting in pain from blood draws, procedures etc. Take extra care and time to comfort the babies.

Tip 2

Apply all your usual newborn techniques with twins. Keep the studio warm, use white noise, and photograph them with a full belly.  If they were born early and they are tinier, it will be especially important to keep the studio warm to ensure that they are able to maintain their body heat, especially if you are photographing them nude.

Tip 3

Twins typically respond very well to being wrapped and photographed very close together. Remember they have spent the last 8-9 months very close together and they are comforted being close together. Starting with wrapped shots can be a nice way to pose them together. If you try to pose them together while they are still not totally asleep they may end up inadvertently hitting one another if their limbs are moving. This may actually startle them awake.

Tip 4

Prop shots are a GREAT way to photograph twins together. Placing them on their backs in a crate, bowl or basket can be an easier way to pose them. Beanbag poses are more challenging with twins. If you take beanbag images of twins together be sure not to have one twin that is squishing the other or one that is on top of the other making them look uncomfortable.

H13A4084-Edit-EditTip 5

When posing newborn twins together in a prop, this is a great opportunity to intertwine their arms, hands and feet. If they are nice and sleepy they will likely be very comfortable with these poses.

Tip 6

Be sure to ask Mom which baby settles easier. I always pose the tougher twin first and add mellow twin later.

H13A4148-Edit-Edit-EditTip 7

If Mom is feeding one twin this is a great time to photograph their sibling for solo images. It is nice to photograph twins both together and separately. I will tell you from experience that most parents really cherish the images of their twins together.

Tip 8

Be patient, twin sessions are like having two newborn sessions. They take time and the more time you spend getting the babies settled and comfortable the greater chance of success you will have.

Tip 9

Be sure to have an extra set of hands to help. It is extremely difficult to take newborn images without an extra set of hands. If Mom had a c-section or is feeding one of the babies it is going to be hard for her to help you

Tip 10

Have FUN! While photographing twins can be very challenging it can also be very rewarding. Be patient, stay calm and enjoy!




Tracy Callahan of Memories by TLC is a fine are Children’s Portrait Photographer specializing in newborn photography. Tracy is the teachers of our online newborn Photography Workshop.

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  1. April 2, 2013 at 9:26 pm — Reply

    Hi, Your work is beautiful. Newborns have quickly become a favorite of mine to do. The second session I did was twin boys. They were early & I did the session the day they came home!! They were about 7days old & one was only 5lbs!! When I walked in they were sleeping together at opposite ends of a small newborn bassinette. I was terrified to just pick them up. The session was three hrs & thankfully they had a family size beanbag I shot them on. 🙂 I managed to get them sleeping together & LOVE how they hold & wrap around their sibling. I am over the top in love with the last shot, that is one image of them both smiling right? So cute how they are caressing each other! Thank you for sharing all the tips & again beautiful work!!

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10 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Photograph Newborn Twins