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Phottix launches 16″ Multi Boom flash bracket

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Phottix launches 16″ Multi Boom flash bracket

Phottix has launched a new accessory aimed at studio photographers, called Multi Boom, which can be mounted in an umbrella swivel.

Phottix is an accessory maker, which has become very popular in recent times, thanks to a number of useful products. One of their most recent additions is the Mitros TTL Speedlight, consisting of a powerful flash gun. Although it has been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, the Mitros TTL Speedlight has been released in early March.

Phottix 16" Multi Boom flash bracket available now
Phottix 16″ Multi Boom flash bracket can be mounted in an umbrella-style swivel. The softbox and the flash guns can also be tilted with 180 degrees.

Phottix reveals new 16″ Multi Boom flash bracket for umbrella swivels

The company is back in action with a Multi Boom flash bracket. This accessory allows photographers to attach two flash guns in an umbrella softbox. The manufacturer claims that such an achievement is very difficult to accomplish with conventional stands.

The 16″ Multi Boom flash bracket solves the aforementioned issue. Although it is not compatible with all brackets, the company acknowledges that most umbrella-style swivels should be supported.

As usual, Phottix recommends lensmen to use the flash bracket with its own umbrella softboxes. Since not all people have one of these, the company is offering a Varos II BG umbrella adapter for extra $20.

Speaking of the price, the Phottix Multi Boom 16″ flash bracket is available for $69.99 through the manufacturer’s official online store now.

A pair of flash guns can be attached on the Phottix 16" Multi Boom bracket
Phottix 16″ Multi Boom bracket can the folded flat for easy transportation. The product is available now for $69.99, though the flash guns are not included.

Photographers can tilt a pair of flash guns with 180 degrees

The accessory allows flash guns to be tilted with 180 degrees. Studio photographers will only have to adjust it, depending on the situation and the lighting required during a photo shoot.

The handles can be easily accessed, which means that photographers will no longer be required to hire an assistant to perform micro-adjustments during sessions.

According to Phottix, the Multi Boom can be folded flat, fact which makes it perfect for easy transportation. Additionally, the company is offering a carrying bag included in the price.

The 16″ flash bracket is entirely made out of metal, therefore it can be considered sturdier than accessories manufactured out of plastic.

Last but not least, Phottix mentioned that a secondary base plate can be mounted on the Multi Boom system. This means that photographers can mount four flash guns for even more lighting or add a couple of battery packs for extra juice during long photo shoots.

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Phottix launches 16″ Multi Boom flash bracket