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China hacks Sigma DP cameras to support M-mount lenses

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China hacks Sigma DP cameras to support M-mount lenses

A China-based company has devised a way which allows photographers to attach M-mount lenses to Sigma DP cameras.

Sigma is regarded as the biggest independent lens vendor in the world, but the company is also manufacturing DSLR cameras based on a powerful image sensor: Foveon X3.

Unfortunately, Sigma has been heavily criticized for not producing a DP camera with support for interchangeable lenses. This would improve the functionality of the company’s shooters and it would definitely attract more customers.

Sigma DP camera with Canon EFM mount lens
Sigma DP cameras are now compatible with Canon’s EF-M-mount lenses.

Sigma DP cameras can become compatible with interchangeable M-mount lenses

According to a company in China, this dream has become true. The company is marketing its services on the Taobao online shop (a marketplace resembling eBay) and it is currently accepting money for turning Sigma DP cameras into M-mount compatible shooters.

Chinese folks can send in their cameras and the Taobao seller will attach a frame that will eventually support M-mount lenses. The company claims that all M lenses will be supported, meaning that it is providing an important feat, which Sigma itself has been incapable of delivering.

Sigma DP camera with Leica M mount lens
Leica M-mount lenses can also be attached to Sigma’s DP cameras, thanks to an ingenious frame.

And it is not expensive at all

The price for turning a Sigma DP3 Merrill and its siblings into M-mount-compatible cameras can be considered small. The seller is asking for 1,880 Chinese Yuan for its services, an amount which accounts for roughly $300.

The entire process is described on a Chinese forum, in a post which appears to have been published by the Taobao seller himself.

Several pictures have surfaced on the web, proving that the company is not lying about its impressive ability. For the time being, only China-based photographers can access the service, while nobody else is selling any Sigma shooters with interchangeable M-mount systems.

Sigma DP camera with Voigtlander M-mount lens
Voigtlander M-mount lenses can be fit on Sigma DP cameras, too.

Though the service is available only in China

It is very unlikely that the company will take orders from people living in distant countries, as only orders from Beijing are accepted. To make matters even worse for European and American photographers, the company providing this service claims that Sigma DP DSLRs will become compatible with more mounts in the near future.

Users of DP cameras have been practically begging Sigma to build a mirrorless camera with an interchangeable lens system, but the company has failed to deliver so far. It remains to be seen whether or not this campaign will be enough to convince its CEO to take it to the next level.

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China hacks Sigma DP cameras to support M-mount lenses