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Radiant Images unveils Novo action camera at NAB Show 2013

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Radiant Images unveils Novo action camera at NAB Show 2013

Radiant Images has revealed the Novo action camera at the National Broadcasters Association Show 2013, which supports C-mount lenses from Micro Four Thirds shooters.

Action cameras are very popular these days. GoPro is one of the manufacturers which attracts a lot of consumers, thanks to its Hero rugged shooters. Radiant Images has decided to tear apart the Hero3 Black Edition and build a new device, based on the guts of the aforementioned camera.

Novo action camera NAB Show 2013
Novo action camera consists of a heavily-modified GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.

Novo action cinema camera announced at NAB Show 2013

The Novo action cam has been officially unveiled at the National Broadcasters Association Show 2013. Radiant Images is its maker, which has modified a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and has designed a slimmer and lighter camera for outdoor photographers.

The specifications have not remained the same, as the company has added a custom processor, allowing cinematographers to disable the auto-exposure feature. Additionally, the aperture can be manually handled with the help of a lens.

Novo C-mount lenses
Novo is compatible with various C-mount lenses from Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Wipe the dust off your C-mount Micro Four Thirds lenses because they will come in handy once again

Speaking of the lens, the Novo supports C-mount lenses. Users can take their Micro Four Thirds lens and attach it to this action cam. Ultimately, they can control the aperture, in order to capture beautifully-exposed photos.

Novo’s housing is made out of aluminum, making it very durable. It may not be as rugged as a GoPro, but it can take better photos, while calling for more customization. The company says that it is aimed at photographers who want to get a little more creative.

Since cinematographers can add any C-mount lens they want, a macro lens could provide superior close-up shots in the wild, for example.

Novo cinema camera NAB Show 2013
Novo cinema camera can record 4K videos at 12 fps. The movies can be shared on a 4K HDTV through an HDMI-our port.

Novo can record 4K videos, just like the Hero3 Black Edition

According to the official feature list, the Novo sports a 12.4-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, 4K video recording at 12 frames per second, 2.7K at 25fps, 1440p at 48fps, and 1080p at 60fps. Additionally, the base ISO sensitivity stands at 640.

It is worth noting that the camera comes with built-in WiFi functionality to remote control the shooter and an LCD touchscreen to access and adjust the settings.

In the front, there are four buttons, such as Power, WiFi, Recording, and Aux. The last of these buttons refers to auto-exposure, which can be turned on or off.

Novo lightweight and thin action camera
Novo is a very small and slim action camera, that fits in the palm of your hands.

Radiant Images and View Factor Studios are renting, not selling it

The camera has been developed in collaboration with View Factor Studios, a company who specializes in engineering cinema and TV products.

Radiant Images confirmed that Novo is available now. However, it is not what you think. The digital cinema camera is available only for renting. Cinematographers can loan it for $295 per day or $885 per week at the company’s official website.

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Radiant Images unveils Novo action camera at NAB Show 2013