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Chameleon-inspired Spectrum Camera Concept features a flexible display

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Chameleon-inspired Spectrum Camera Concept features a flexible display

Designer Byeong Soo Kim has revealed his idea of what a modern camera should look like, thanks to the Spectrum Camera Concept, using a chameleon as a source of inspiration.

A lot of designers are claiming that one of the products that badly needs to be reshaped consists of the digital camera. Many of them have revealed interesting ideas, but it is very unlikely that a major overhaul of the digital imaging products will occur in the near future.

Spectrum Concept Camera
Spectrum Concept Camera is said to provide emotional interaction with the user by changing its design. Credits: Byeong Soo Kim.

Spectrum Camera Concept is an impressive digital camera concept by designer Byeong Soo Kim

However, this does not mean that we cannot continue to dream. It would be in contradiction with the photography industry which is all about imagination and creativity. Such is the case of Byeong Soo Kim, who has created the Spectrum Camera Concept.

Spectrum Concept Camera flexible display
Spectrum Concept Camera comes packed with a flexible display which shows user-selected photos around the device itself. Credits: Byeong Soo Kim.

Casing made out of flexible display turns it into a chameleon device

At first sight it does not look so different than regular shooters, but things will change if you do not pay enough attention, as this is actually a chameleon-inspired camera. Spectrum is made out of a flexible screen, which is capable of displaying photos stored on the memory card.

This means that photographers can easily change the design of the camera once they get bored of a photo. Still, the users will have to be careful to choose an appropriate photo or at least one which will not upset anybody else.

Spectrum Concept Camera custom design
Spectrum Concept Camera is different than the rest, but it also features an impressive Schneider-Kreuznach lens. Credits: Byeong Soo Kim.

Flexible displays are the next big thing and the Spectrum Camera Concept will take advantage of them

Advancements in flexible displays will soon allow manufacturers to wrap such screens around an electronic device. The system will be fully functional and this is a cool idea.

However, it is years away of being implemented therefore potential admirers should not hold their breath over it.

Designer Byeong Soo Kim envisioned the Spectrum Camera Concept along with a Schneider-Kreuznach 4.6-23mm f/3.2-6.5 lens with 5x optical zoom. Anyway, other details have not been provided, which is understandable, as this is nothing more than a concept.

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Chameleon-inspired Spectrum Camera Concept features a flexible display