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Hipstamatic announces Oggl social networking service

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Hipstamatic announces Oggl social networking service

Hipstamatic has introduced a new social networking service, called Oggl, for photographers who enjoy vintage images and creativity.

Hipstamatic has been quite a hit back in 2010 when it launched itself on the iPhone. The application has been downloaded by more than one million users in just a few months. However, the Instagram craze had begun and the application’s popularity dropped.

Oggl social network
Hipstamatic has launched a new social network which is aimed at creative people, who like to keep the quality of their photos at high levels. It is called Oggl and it is available for iPhone users, who will have to request an invitation.

Hipstamatic introduces Oggl social network to the photo-editing world

Well, CEO Lucas Buick is not giving up and he has announced that a new social network is available for select users. It is called Oggl and it is currently based on an invitation-only business model, though it should become available soon for all Hipstamatic users.

As one would expect, Oggl will not be free of charge. Some might say that Hipstamatic is missing the point here, as Instagram continues to be free, but it is very likely that Facebook will start monetizing its photo-sharing service soon using ads or paid subscriptions.

Oggl is aimed at creative people, in order to keep photo quality at high levels

Anyway, Oggl can be viewed like Vimeo. It will represent a social network for creative people, who are actually willing to pay for a high-quality service. As a result, the photos will most likely be of high-quality, instead of being full of meaningless cat, dog, food, or feet images.

Most Vimeo videos have a higher-quality than YouTube movies and it is a good thing that someone is trying to raise the bar. Oggl will cost $0.99 per month or $9.99 if you pay for a one-year subscription.

Basic Oggl comes for free, but users will have to pay in order to get more content

Oggl users will be allowed to edit photos with filters including food, portraits, sunsets, nightlife, and landscapes. However, once the Oggl network is up and running and users pay for the subscription, they will have access to the full Hipstamatic effects catalog.

The company claims that paid subscribers will get even more filters over the following months, as the catalog will continue to exponentially expand.

Hipstamatic for iPhone is available for download at the iTunes Store for $1.99, while users can request an Oggl invitation at the social network’s official website.

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Hipstamatic announces Oggl social networking service