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Two new Fujifilm mirrorless cameras coming this summer

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Two new Fujifilm mirrorless cameras coming this summer

Fujifilm will introduce two mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lens support in the summer of 2013, says an inside source.

There are several rumors circling around Fujifilm’s home planet. Most of them agree that the Japan-based company will launch at least two new cameras sometime this summer.

Previously, it has been said that the camera maker will make a couple of announcements in July, but a recent report is suggesting that at least one device will be unveiled in June.

Fujifilm two mirrorless cameras
Fujifilm rep smiling and showing a mirrorless shooter for the camera. The photo has been blurred by the source, as the information is not supposed to fall into the “wrong hands”.

Fujifilm will launch a pair of mirrorless cameras in the summer of 2013

Sources are reporting that Fujifilm is working on two separate cameras. The mirrorless pair will also feature two distinct image sensors, in order to maintain a level of diversification.

The first camera will be announced in the second half of June 2013. The other one does not have a launch event scheduled, but it should be introduced shortly thereafter, most likely in July, rather than August.

The person who leaked this information has also had something to say about the price. It is rumored that one of the mirrorless cameras will retail for a price around $700, while the other one’s valuation remains unknown for now.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the shooters will have different sensors

These details are said to have surfaced courtesy of a new source. However, people familiar with the matter have double-checked the information with “trusted sources”, who have confirmed that Fujifilm is launching two cameras with two different image sensors.

It appears that one of the cameras will sport an APS-C X-Trans image sensor, while the other one may come packed with the same APS-C sensor found in the Fujifilm X100 camera.

Everything fits like a glove

This new batch of details is probably very close to the truth, despite the fact that it is just a rumor and plenty of rumors never become true.

Recently, a Fujifilm representative has been spotted holding an entry-level X-mount camera that will be announced this summer. The device is definitely one of these two shooters and Fuji fans should prepare themselves for a busy summer.

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Two new Fujifilm mirrorless cameras coming this summer