Canon 70D rumor says DSLR is coming this July

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Canon 70D rumor says DSLR is coming this July

A new episode of the “Canon EOS 70D rumors” saga is underway with sources claiming that the DSLR camera is in final testing and it should be revealed this July.

The Canon 70D  story has been covered extensively, but the camera has been a no-show so far. It was supposed to be out this spring, though most EOS XXD DSLRs come out sometime in August. The latest report indicate that August may be the “launch date” of the 70D, too, as the camera will be unveiled in July.

Canon 70D rumor july
Canon 70D is set to succeed the EOS 60D this July, as the camera has entered its final testing stage.

Canon 70D rumor: now in final testing, with launch scheduled for July 2013

Canon has been hesitant so far or it may just want to keep the record straight and go for an August release. Sources have revealed that the company is actively testing the device, which has finally reached the “final testing” stage.

This is great news for Canon fans, who are hoping to buy an EOS 60D replacement this summer. The final testing phase means that the Japanese company is sorting out the details and polishing the camera’s traits, in order to fix all the minor bugs, which could affect the users.

Canon will heavily promote the EOS 70D

The latest Canon 70D rumor adds that the DSLR is being tested by a bunch of so-called “Explorers of Light”. Their identity is unknown, but it is very likely that they are some experienced photographers who love light.

On the other hand, Canon is using the camera to shoot marketing materials for the EOS 70D. The camera will be a part of an extended marketing campaign and it will require serious commercials to attract the customers’ attention.

These commercials are said to be recorded in numerous locations on Earth and we will see them when the DSLR finally becomes official this July.

Take the May 31 date off your calendar

Recently, it has been revealed that Canon will hold an event on May 31 and that the long-rumored EOS 70D will make an appearance during the event. However, there are few reasons to believe that the camera will actually be announced by the end of this month.

Sources are reporting that everything is set for July and that’s the time when we will finally get to see the Canon 70D in action.

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Canon 70D rumor says DSLR is coming this July