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Artists put rubber bands on their faces in painful photo shoot

Artists put rubber bands on their faces in painful photo shoot

Photographer Wes Naman has presented another one of his great photo shoots, but this time he has photographed musicians with rubber bands on their faces, instead of Scotch tape.

Wes Naman attracted a lot of attention in 2012 after publishing several portrait photos of people with Scotch tape on their faces. As one would imagine, putting Scotch tape all over your head would make your face look funny or scary, depending on where you are looking.

2bers Collin Troy
Musician Collin Troy of 2bers band. Credits: Wes Naman.

Photographer Wes Naman is back with rubber bands project

Now, a new project is in place and it is making Albuquerque musicians look like monsters or something like that. The 38-year-old photographer has listened to the demands of his newly-gathered fan club, so he has decided to take it a step further, by “forcing” musicians to apply multiple rubber bands on their faces.

The new photo shoot is extraordinary, but both funny and scary to look at once again. Taking a look at the photos will definitely make your body feel a little bit of pain or just weird.

Bellemah Noelan Ramirez
Noelan Ramirez is part of Albuquerque-based band, called Bellemah, and he has accepted to put rubber bands on his face. Credits: Wes Naman.

Musicians have been allowed to apply the rubber bands on themselves

During the Scotch tape photo shoot, Naman has been the one applying the tape on regular people’s faces. This time, he took a different approach, as all subjects are musicians and they have been allowed to apply the rubber bands on their faces.

Comparing the two shoots is inevitable and some may like the Scotch tape one, rather than “Project Rubber Bands”. However, there is no denying in the fact that rubber bands can lead to more expressive faces, since it is easier for them to squish the skin, and induce more pain.

Red Light Cameras Amanda Machon
Amanda Machon is another Albuquerque musician who has accepted to apply several rubber bands on her face. She sings with the Red Light Cameras. Credits: Wes Naman.

Albuquerque artists deserve more recognition and this is the way to get it

The rubber band portrait photography is available in full at Wes Naman’s website, where he also explains why there are only musicians in the shoot, who are all wearing band-related t-shirts.

It appears that the photographer wants to “promote Albuquerque bands using rubber bands”. Many artists are friends of his and Wes believes that they deserve more recognition.

If the rubber band project gets half the exposure of the Scotch tape photo shoot, then it would have reached its goal, Naman says.

So Say We All Amy Keyohara
Amy Keyohara has been a part of this painful photo shoot, as the So Say We All musician has agreed to put rubber bands on her face. Credits: Wes Naman.
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Artists put rubber bands on their faces in painful photo shoot