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Debao SU-800 is better and cheaper than the Nikon version

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Debao SU-800 is better and cheaper than the Nikon version

 A Chinese company, called Debao, has released two knock-off Speedlight systems for Canon and Nikon cameras, which are better and cheaper than the original versions.

Big corporations are facing competition from Chinese firms which offer good alternatives at decent rates. This is the case of both Nikon and Canon, as their Asian counterparts are constantly working on releasing new products. The latest result is called Debao SU-800, which consists of an alternative for the Nikon SU-800 Speedlight transmitter.

Debao SU-800
Debao SU-800 Speedlight Commander is a lot better and much cheaper than the original Nikon version.

Debao SU-800 launched as a better and cheaper alternative to Nikon’s wireless transmitter

Nikon’s SU-800 wireless transmitter features a transmission power of 13W, control distance of 20 meters, no horizontal rotation, an up to 4-second recycle time and it does not support continuous shooting mode and manual flash.

This is where the Debao SU-800 comes in. It offers a 20W transmission power with a flash control distance of 35 meters, 130-degree swiveling, a maximum 2-second recycle time, and support for both continuous mode and manual flash.

Furthermore, the Chinese knock-off comes with an autofocus assist distance of 15 meters, while Nikon’s version can be used from a distance of 10 meters. Beside offering more features, the Debao version is available for $114.99 at Amazon, while the Nikon unit costs $249.95.

Debao ST-E2
Debao ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter provides a wireless control distance of 35 meters, which is longer than the Canon one. This accessory is also cheaper than the Canon version.

Canon version, Debao ST-E2, is also more featured and lower priced than the original model

There is a Canon version as well. It is called Debao ST-E2. It provides the same features as the version for Nikon cameras, but it is also better than the Canon ST-E2 wireless Speedlight commander.

Not only is Debao providing better options, but it is doing so at cheaper prices. The Debao ST-E2 price stands at $104.99, while the Canon model can be purchased for $224.95.

This represents a more than $100 price difference, which can be used for buying other accessories for your Canon camera.

Most Canon and Nikon cameras are supported, along with flashes from other third-party manufacturers

Debao says that its product is compatible with most Canon and Nikon shooters, including 600D, 60D, 7D, 6D, 5D Mark III, and 1D S, as well as D7100, D800, D4, D600, and the D3 series.

Additionally, the SU-800 and ST-E2 support multiple flash versions from Canon, Nikon, Yongnuo, Metz, and Nissin. The two products are available right now with an estimated shipping time of up to 15 days.

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Debao SU-800 is better and cheaper than the Nikon version