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Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera to tackle Canon’s Rebel soon

Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera to tackle Canon’s Rebel soon

Sony is working on a DSLR-like E-mount camera, which will become a part of a new NEX series that will compete against Canon EOS Rebel shooters.

It has been a while since Sony has last announced high-profile cameras or even ones with enticing features. The new RX1R and RX100 II are just remakes of older devices. Even though they are pretty good, consumers are always looking for something newer than “remodels”.

Since Sony is restructuring its camera business, a lot of rumors are circling around the web and they will continue to do so, therefore the company’s fans should prepare for a lot of treats in the neighboring future.

Canon Rebel SL1
Canon Rebel SL1 might soon get a serious competitor in the body of a Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera, sources have revealed.

Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera rumored to be in the works

One of the surprises is the E-mount segment, which will be entirely revamped. After the gossip talks have leaked information about a full frame NEX, it appears that a Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera is on its way.

The specifications will be “inspired” by the Canon Rebel series, but they will be a lot better than the EOS devices, sources say. It appears that the PlayStation maker is aiming to release shooters in the same price range as the “Rebels”, but offering improved performance.

Sony wants to chew off Canon’s EOS Rebel market share, but nobody knows when it’s going to happen

The new Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera will be an entry-level product. Nevertheless, its features will up the stakes in this department, but it is unknown by how much Sony is planning to affect the market.

Unfortunately, a more concise specs list, launch date, and a price are hidden somewhere in the company’s files, meaning that it may take a while before the rumor mill gets a hold of them.

Multiple other Sony cameras said to be in development

Meanwhile, other leaked information mentions a Sony NEX-7 successor, which will feature a slightly different design than its predecessor. Moreover, a NEX full frame camera is coming in early 2014, along with an APS-C A-mount shooter and an FF device sporting the same “Alpha” mount.

As previously established, a lot of digital apparatuses are in the works at the Tokyo headquarters and we should start seeing at least some results by the end of 2013.

It is worth noting that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, the company’s smallest DSLR ever, is available for purchase for $649 at Amazon, so it will be exciting to see what Sony has to offer at this price point.

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Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera to tackle Canon’s Rebel soon