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Thanko APOLLO2 camera announced with 30x telephoto zoom lens

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Thanko APOLLO2 camera announced with 30x telephoto zoom lens

Thanko has unveiled a new cute product in the body of the APOLLO2 mini camera which features a 30x telephoto zoom lens.

Thanko is well-known in Japan for releasing “crazy” products and accessories. In the first half of 2013, the company has revealed the world’s smallest working DSLR camera, which captures photos at 5-megapixel quality and 720p videos.

Thanko APOLLO2 camera
Thanko APOLLO2 camera is a tiny device which is packing a 30x telephoto zoom lens as well as a 12-megapixel sensor.

Tiny Thanko APOLLO2 compact camera officially revealed with 30x telephoto zoom lens

This time, the manufacturer has created a compact camera instead of a DSLR model and it is called Thanko APOLLO2. The device is very tiny and it is packing a small telephoto lens with a 30x optical zoom.

Moreover, the lens can be detached from the shooter. Otherwise, the whole kit would be pretty hard to be transported. However, this might suggest that the company will release more lenses for the camera sometime in the near future.

Thanko APOLLO2 is a very small and lightweight camera

The Thanko APOLLO2 measures 100 x 28 x 60mm and weighs 145 grams, while the lens measures 110mm in length and 31mm in diameter, respectively and it weighs 118 grams.

The system is powered by three AAA batteries. The photos as well as the videos are stored on an SD card, which is not included in the package. A USB 2.0 port is available, allowing photographers to transfer files to a PC with ease.

Thanko APOLLO2 package
Thanko APOLLO2 package consists of the camera body, 30x zoom lens, USB cable, tripod, and carrying pouch for the lens.

Thanko APOLLO2 specs list includes 12-megapixel sensor

The specs of the Thanko APOLLO2 include a 12-megapixel image sensor, 2.4-inch LCD screen, 640 x 480 video recording at 30 frames per second, tripod mount, and an optical zoom between 10x and 30x. This means that you cannot go wider than 10x when the aperture stands at f/3.

In the package, buyers will find a USB cable, the body, and the lens. Additionally, a tripod is supplied, which might be useful as the apparatus can focus at a distance of 40 meters or when you are hunting for Sasquatch.

Availability information

Thanko is selling the APOLLO2 for 19,800 yen / roughly $200 in Japan. Nevertheless, the tiny camera with 30x telephoto zoom lens should become available in the United States via eBay shortly.

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Thanko APOLLO2 camera announced with 30x telephoto zoom lens