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NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera available at WestLicht auction

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NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera available at WestLicht auction

A NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera will become available at the WestLicht Camera Auction 2013, a major sale of antique imaging devices which will take place this November.

The WestLicht Photographica Auction is one of the most popular public sales of imaging devices worth collecting, if you have the necessary means and funding.

The 24th WestLicht Camera Auction will take place this year on November 23. As usual, there are some pretty amazing rarities available at the sale that most people are unable to afford.

Nikon F3 NASA
Nikon F3 NASA is a SLR camera especially modified to suit the needs of usage in the outer space. It is available at the auction with a starting price of €26,000.

NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera to be auctioned at the 2013 WestLicht Camera Auction 2013

One of the best devices available at the auction is the NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera. The popular SLR is not a regular F3, as it has been specially altered to suit the needs of NASA.

The unit available at the auction is referred to as the “Space Shuttle” version. Only 19 of these cameras have been made back in 1986. However, several of them have been “lost in space”.

The camera features a Nikkor 1.4/35mm lens, translating into a 35mm fixed focal length and an f/1.4 aperture. The listing says that the NASA F3 sports a 250-exposure back and a motor drive.

Potential buyers should be aware that bidding starts at €26,000, while the organizers expect it to sell for an amount between €50,000 and €60,000.

One Millionth Leica
One Millionth Leica camera made in 1960. It could sell for up to €500,000.

One Millionth Leica, a Chrome Leica M3, expected to sell for up to €500,000

After the sale of the Nikon F3 NASA, it is time for the auction to get to the really expensive things. The first company that comes to mind when it comes to costly cameras is Leica, of course.

The WestLicht Camera Auction 2013 includes the “One Millionth Leica”, which has been manufactured in 1960. The camera is in “fine original condition” and comes with a CF Summicron 50mm f/2 lens.

Since the Leica M3 Chrome is the one millionth Leica-made camera, its serial number is “1000000”. It appears that the device has been presented by Willi Stein, the M3 designer, to Dr. Ludwig Leitz himself, a descendant of the “Ernst Leitz” empire, the company’s name before Leica Camera AG.

Either way, the opening bid for this camera stands at €200,000, while the organizers hope to raise between €400,000 and €500,000.

Charles Chevalier Daguerreotype Camera
Charles Chevalier Daguerreotype Camera is one of the oldest items at the auction, as it has been made in 1942.

Charles Chevalier Daguerreotype Camera is one of the oldest auction items

Other expensive stuff consists of the 500,000th Leica camera manufactured in 1950. The Leica IIIf comes with an Elmar 3.5/5cm lens, translating into a 50mm f/3.5 optic. Bidding begins at €120,000 and the maximum estimated bid stands at €250,000.

One of the oldest devices at the auction has to be the Charles Chevalier Daguerreotype Camera. It consists of a mahogany camera body with a lens providing a focal length of 160mm. It also sports a lot of the original accessories and a carrying case.

According to the listing, it has been created in 1842 and bidding will begin at €40,000. It is estimated that it will sell for up to €100,000. The full list of items is available at WestLicht’s official website.

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NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera available at WestLicht auction