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More Nikon D4H rumors hint at full frame hybrid camera launch

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More Nikon D4H rumors hint at full frame hybrid camera launch

More Nikon D4H specs have appeared on the web, as the rumors about the full frame camera are intensifying as we are getting closer to its official launch.

In the land of Nikon, hope has blossomed in recent times thanks to rumors talking about a new D4-like camera, though the D610 and D5300 may have contributed to that, as well.

A lot of information has been leaked regarding the shooter over the past couple of days. However, it seems like most of the details have been accurate, while some have not been so spot on.

Nikon will release a D4-like camera called D4H. It is a hybrid shooter with intriguing (to say the least) specifications that will be announced early in November.

Nikon full frame hybrid camera to retailed under D4H name

First of all, it is worth noting that the new full frame camera will be called Nikon D4H, as its sensor is based on the one of the original D4.

It will capture photos at 16-megapixel, but will not feature an anti-aliasing filter, which is something we are getting used to, as the Japanese company is omitting this feature in lots of its recent shooters.

Furthermore, the D4H will be powered by an EXPEED 3A processor, not the “3” model, as previously reported.

Myth busted: why the Nikon D4H is referred to as a “hybrid camera”

The list of changes continues with a 3-inch LCD screen instead of a 3.2-inch unit. Additionally, the power will be supplied from an EN-EL15 battery, instead of EN-EL14.

Thankfully, we can finally reveal why Nikon has referred to it as a “hybrid camera”. The D4H will sport a hybrid electronic-optical viewfinder, just like the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X100S.

Its hybrid viewfinder will allow users to frame their shots even when the mirror is locked-up and photographers are using non-AI lenses.

Another reason why the Nikon D4H is codenamed the “hybrid” is the presence of a hybrid shutter, combining electrical and mechanical technologies.

It is said that the shooter will not record videos in “low-power mode”. However, in regular mode it will be capable of shooting movies, contrary to earlier reports suggesting that there will not be any video features.

Nikon D4H price and release date rumors

Nikon will sell the camera in three models: black, black & silver, and chrome, sources have revealed.

The D4H body-only price will be $3,000, while the kit with a special 50mm f/1.8G lens version will be sold for $3,300.

This sounds as an interesting camera all-around and it should be announced on November 6, which is not so far away.

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More Nikon D4H rumors hint at full frame hybrid camera launch