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Hideaki Hamada’s cute photos of his sons, Haru and Mina

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Hideaki Hamada’s cute photos of his sons, Haru and Mina

Photographer Hideaki Hamada has compiled an image series containing cute shots of his two sons, Haru and Mina, doing everyday things and enjoying their childhood.

There was a time when photographers were choosing not to include family members in their job. That time is no longer here, as we are seeing more and more lensmen involving their biggest treasures in their portfolios.

Hideaki Hamada has chosen this path, too, and it is one of the best things he has ever done. His family album has been turned into a book and it looks like it is a success from our point of view.

Photographer Hideaki Hamada takes amazingly cute photos of his sons, Haru and Mina

The photographer has an album called “Haru and Mina” which actually consists of photos of his sons bearing the aforementioned names. The kids are portrayed doing everyday things, like playing, going to school, or even capturing images with their cameras.

These shots will definitely make your heart melt. Some people might even want more kids, but most of them will remember their worry-free childhood. Hamada says that looking at his two sons gives him a strange feeling of re-living his life.

The pictures of Haru and Mina will serve as a “time machine” once they grow up

Hideaki Hamada says that his “work” is easy because his sons are very active. They “always” do more than they are expected therefore it is very easy to find the inspiration to capture these cute photos.

Nevertheless, the photographer says that he must not interfere with their activities. While not getting too close, he does not have to remain too far either. It is important to provide them enough space, but keep a close eye on their development.

Re-living and remembering his childhood with the help of his sons

Getting back to the part where the photographer is re-living his childhood, he claims that his boys are probably aware that he is watching their every move.

Hideaki Hamada added that his mother used to watch him carefully and he was pretending not to notice because he was feeling embarrassed. The same thing might be happening with Haru and Mina, but this should not matter too much for their love-filled hearts.

These photos are said to be the lensman’s gift for Haru and Mina. The portfolio will serve as a “time machine”, telling the life story of these two boys, who will certainly appreciate it and love it once they grow up.

The images are available at the personal website of Hamada, where viewers can also find out more details about his publications.

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Hideaki Hamada’s cute photos of his sons, Haru and Mina