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Month: November 2013



Fall Portrait Workflow Using MCP Inspire Action Set

I have really been enjoying the new MCP Inspire action set.  This time of year is the busiest and I used this recipe on all of my outdoor fall portrait sessions.  Give it a try and see how it works for you! In the screenshots below, hopefully you can read it,  you can see how…


Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Deals for Photographers

  Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sales for Photographers If you have more, email them to me for approval and I will add them to this list. MCP Actions – 10% off all actions, presets and textures through Cyber Monday at Code: mcpthanks. Adobe Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 at Adobe are just…


Our Annual Sale Starts Now! Plus Buy Now and Pay Later

Once a year we put our entire store of actions and presets on sale. This is our only sale of the year so don’t miss out.


Workflow and Pricing for Professional Photographers

Learn how to manage your client workflow from the first point of contact until after the shoot and price your photography to perfection.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers + A Few Free Goodies

Are you stumped when it comes to buying a gift for the photographer in your life?  Whether you want to buy a gift as a token of thanks for the photographer who took your family photos or you want a gift for someone special in your life who loves taking pictures, we have you covered.…


Which Edit Do You Like Best?

  Let’s keep things light today and take a quick survey.  Which edit do you prefer? Both are exactly the same, except the second one used two additional Photoshop actions (mostly on the background).  I am curious to see if you see this image the way I do – but of course, there is no…


How to Photograph and Edit a Snowflake + A Free Sparkle Brush

As the first snowflakes touched down here in Ontario, Canada I snuck outside to snap a few quick shots on my back deck. The snowflakes were big and fluffy and moving very slow, and didn’t last more than a minute or so once they landed. I have been playing around with macro free lensing and…


Learn How to Add Clouds, Change Colors of an Object and Add Sunlight

Do you like special effects on your images? Would you like to learn: How to Add Clouds? How to Change Colors of an Object (a brick wall in this case)? How to Add Sunlight and Sharpen Elaborate Gowns? If so, you are in luck.  Using Photoshop + the MCP Inspire actions, you can easily achieve…

Casio EX-ZS30 camera specs and release date announced

Casio EXILIM EX-10 photo and specs leaked ahead of launch time

There is a new compact camera on its way and it will arrive here very soon. It is called Casio EXILIM EX-10 and should hit the higher-end shores of the compact market where it will compete against the Nikon P7800 and Canon G16 among many others. To do that, it brings a 1/1.7-inch sensor and a 28-112mm zoom lens to the table.

Contax AX SLR

Q1 2014 rumored to come packed with new Sony A-mount cameras

The first quarter of 2014 will be a pretty packed timeframe for photographers. Multiple companies will release their line-ups and this includes the PlayStation maker. According to people familiar with the matter, new Sony A-mount cameras have been scheduled to become official early next year and one of them has a surprise in tow.

Canon 7D Mark II price rumor

Yet another Canon 7D Mark II rumor points at a 2014 launch

There is a new Canon 7D Mark II rumor circling around the web. There have been so many of this throughout the year that some people have lost track or grown accustomed with them, depending on situation. Either way, this novel information confirms that the DSLR camera will be announced and released during the first half of 2014.


The Danger of Showing Too Many Images To Your Customers

We take lots of photos during every photo session. How do you know if are presenting the right amount to your client? Follow these tips if you are lost.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E1

Weathersealed Fujifilm camera to feature dual SD card slots

The first weathersealed Fujifilm camera to support the X-mount interchangeable lens system is rumored to be officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014. The event takes places in January and it is said to bring the new Fuji shooter with it. This camera will allegedly feature dual SD card slots and an intriguing design.

White Canon Kiss X7

New Canon EOS M2 rumor hints at early 2014 launch

The latest teaser campaign by Canon has not been hinting at the launch of the EOS M replacement. The mirrorless camera is not coming this year, says a new Canon EOS M2 rumor. In fact, the device will be released in early 2014, just like a previous source has been claiming for a long time, while the teaser depicts a white 100D model.


The Art of Storytelling: How to Weave Your Photos Into a Tale

Some of the fondest memories from my childhood are recollecting the hundreds thousands of stories that my mom used to tell me growing up. I HAD to have a story for everything – for drinking my milk, for eating breakfast, for patiently waiting for the school bus, for dinner time – everything! They were varied in nature…

Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 release candidates available for download now

Adobe Lightroom 5.3 RC update and more released for download

It’s that time of the year again! Adobe has released a slew of updates for its programs, including Lightroom. The company has confirmed that the Lightroom 5.3 RC, Camera RAW 8.3 RC, and DNG Converter 8.3 RC are now available for download with bug fixes, support for multiple new cameras and lens profiles, respectively.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.51.51 AM

The Art of Storytelling: How to Weave Your Photos Into a Tale

Some of the fondest memories from my childhood are recollecting the hundreds thousands of stories that my mom used to tell me growing up. I HAD to have a story for everything – for drinking my milk, for eating breakfast, for patiently waiting for the school bus, for dinner time – everything! They were varied in nature…

Canon EF lens 90 million

Eight new Canon lenses to be released throughout 2014

People familiar with the matter are reporting that Canon has been forced to delay multiple optics due to manufacturing issues and costs, but good things come to those who wait. According to inside sources, eight new Canon lenses will be introduced in 2014, with the list including some “high-end glass” among others.


Creative black and white portrait photos by Benoit Courti

They say that beauty is in each and everyone of us. They also say that it is in the eyes of the beholder. Benoit Courti thrives under this supposition and creates amazing black and white portrait photos of situations that may seem meaningless to the most of us, which is proof of his artistic skillfulness.


Adjust this Facebook Setting Now

Want People to See Your Updates on Facebook?  Want to see ours? As you probably have come to realize, Facebook continues to make changes that make it more difficult, without advertising, to reach your intended audience.  By “audience” we do not mean complete strangers that you want to know about your photography, we mean your…

Tom Ryaboi

Photographer Tom Ryaboi does perilous tricks atop skyscrapers

Humans are a curious species and we will always look to go on exciting adventures. It is in our nature and some will do whatever it takes to get the adrenaline pumping in their system. Photographer Tom Ryaboi climbs on top of skyscrapers and captures photos of himself and his friends performing dangerous stunts.


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