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Olympus E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera to feature 3-axis IBIS

Olympus E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera to feature 3-axis IBIS

The Olympus E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera is rumored to feature 3-axis in-body image stabilization technology and built-in WiFi to easily transfer content to a mobile device.

At the end of last week, the name of the Olympus E-M5 replacement has been revealed. It appears that the upcoming Micro Four Thirds camera will go by the name of E-M10.

Not very long ago, the E-M5 was the flagship OM-D camera. Its crown has been “stolen” by the E-M1, an outstanding camera which is packing a lot of amazing features.

It seems like the E-M5 is getting replaced soon, too. The Olympus E-M10 name has just been registered by the company in Indonesia and there are little doubts remaining that this is not a successor for the former OM-D flagship.

Olympus E-M10 name
Olympus E-M10 name has been registered in Indonesia. The camera will feature WiFi, while new sources are claiming that it is packing 3-axis in-body image stabilization as well.

Olympus E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera rumored to feature 3-axis image stabilization technology

In the meantime, the rumor mill has managed to grab a hold of more specifications available for MFT adopters. Trusted sources are reporting that the Olympus E-M10 will feature 3-axis in-body image stabilization technology as well as WiFi.

Some photographers may feel like tri-axis IBIS is a step backwards, considering the fact that the E-M5 offers 5-axis IBIS. However, it appears that the technology is new and has been improved a lot, so photos will have the highest quality possible.

The E-M10 will also become the second OM-D camera to feature built-in WiFi. Its name has been registered at the Indonesia office which takes care of these connectivity details, so the new shooter will definitely be capable of transferring photos and videos to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

Olympus E-M5 to become the low-end camera of the OM-D series after E-M10’s launch

The rumor mill has previously claimed that the Olympus E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera will feature the same image sensor as the E-M5. However, the 16-megapixel unit will be powered by the True Pix VII image processor, the same as the one found in the E-M1.

This combination will result in better photos, while everything will be processed faster than it used to be in the E-M5. Above all, the E-M10 will be better than its predecessor, which will become the low-end OM-D shooter.

Instead of launching an entry-level camera, Olympus has chosen to downgrade the E-M5 by announcing the mid-level E-M10. This may be a successful strategy, but it remains to be seen whether it is true or not. We will find that out in late January or early February.

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Olympus E-M10 Micro Four Thirds camera to feature 3-axis IBIS