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Sony SPA-TA1 to let you mount QX10 and QX100 on tablets

Sony SPA-TA1 to let you mount QX10 and QX100 on tablets

Sony has officially announced the development of the SPA-TA1 accessory, an “arm” that will allow QX10 and QX100 users to mount the lens-style cameras on different tablets.

The first company to launch a camera that looks like a lens on the market has been Sony. The PlayStation manufacturer has revealed the QX10 and QX100 Cyber-shot lens-style cameras that can be attached to smartphones in 2013.

Photographers can purchase these products and use a smartphone as Live View. The two devices (a smartphone and a lens-style camera) can be connected together via WiFi or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Nevertheless, the QX10 and QX100 do not have to be attached to a smartphone to work, but some special “arms” are available for users who want to mount them on their favorite phones.

Sony SPA-TA1 to allow tablet users to mount QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras on their devices

Sony SPA-TA1
The Sony SPA-TA1 is the accessory you will want to purchase if you wish to take photos using your QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras attached to a tablet.

Driven by the success of the lens-like shooters, the company has decided that it needs to expand its line-up of accessories. As a result, photographers can now attach their QX10 and QX100 to tablets, thanks to the new Sony SPA-TA1 arm.

The tablet attachment will come in various sizes, in order to support a large number of slates. Although some people consider that it is weird to capture photos with a tablet, the Japanese manufacturer believes that a lot of people are quite fond of this “technique” so the new arm will be released at the beginning of April.

The Sony SPA-TA1 is scheduled for an April 4 release date and a price of 3,675 Japanese yens. This translates into roughly $35, but it is worth mentioning that the arm will become available only in Japan at first.

The company has not mentioned whether it will cross the ocean to the US or Europe. However, there are pretty good chances that American and European consumers will be able to mount the QX10 and QX100 on their tablets.

Sony to release SPA-TA1 in multiple sizes for different tablets

Sony SPA-TA1 dimensions
The multiple sizes of the Sony SPA-TA1 tablet attachment.

Sony has confirmed that the SPA-TA1 will be offered in six different sizes. The width and thickness are identical 65.6 x 33.9mm, but the length is the one which changes.

The tiniest model stands at 85mm, while the longest one stands at 190mm with 106mm, 127mm, 148mm, and 169mm in between the two. As for the weight, users can expect it to weigh about 31 grams.

For the time being, do not hold your breath over a US launch, despite the high probability of such thing happening. Instead, keep your eyes wide open on Camyx to find out all the details.

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Sony SPA-TA1 to let you mount QX10 and QX100 on tablets