Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 3

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Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 3


In our last installment to Facebook Pages, I explain the last several sections in the detailed Page Insights section. Our first post went over some common Facebook myths and general explanations, and our second post explained the first several sections to Page Insights.



This will start with, “Showing data from 10/16/2013 – 10/22/2013,” and the date will be about a week’s span ending a few days before the current date. It will let you pick a date range by either choosing a date in the calendar boxes on the right, or sliding the slider on the graph around. The graph slider shows ups and downs if your likes. It affects all of the information on the rest of this page.


Page and Tab Visits.

Your page has tabs – photos, likes, map, and anything else you might add on to it.  Hover over the graph to see stats for individual days.

  • Timeline is the page itself.
  • Photos Tab is the tab that goes to your photos and albums.
  • Admin tabs are tabs where you have added your own apps (like a blog, social media feed, or contest app)
  • Info Tab is the tab with the information on your business and full description
  • Others are any other misc kind of tabs you might have.


Other Page Activity.

These are things people did involving your page, that weren’t exactly related to your posts. Hover over the graph to see stats for individual days.

  • Mentions are where someone tags you in a post. (Done with the @ symbol, like tagging a personal profile)
  • Post by Other People is when someone writes on your page wall.
  • Check Ins are where people check into your page.
  • Offers Purchased is when you have an offer going and people are clicking to get it.


External Referrers.

These are people who clicked on a link to your page that didn’t come from Facebook. For example, I have written several blog posts for MCP Actions, and most of my referrers come from there. I also have my website in my signature in my email, so people also click on it from there. Your list will be unique to where your link is found the most. Hover over the graph to see stats for individual days.




When Your Fans Are Online.

This gives you a general demographic for when your fans are online on Facebook. It helps you when you want to target certain posts or ads to them – you can see when the largest number is online, to know when to target posts to them for more views. The graph shows the average for the most recent week – but you can hover over the individual days to see where those numbers compare.


Post Types.

This tells you the success of posts based on both reach and engagement. So for instance, you might see that a photo post gets a lot more reach and engagement in comparison to a link or a text post. It helps you see what engages your fans the most.


All Posts Published.

If you read the post on the overview, you already saw a snippet of this with five recent posts.

  • Date shows the date the post was published.
  • Post shows the type and a preview.
  • Type tells you what kind of post it was.
  • Targeting shows you if the post was public, or if you targeted a certain group of people.
  • Reach is the number of people who saw the post, be it on your timeline, or in their newsfeed, or in a sponsored post or ad, or by clicking a direct link to that post.
  • Engagement shows you post clicks in blue, which are the number of people who clicked something on that post (a photo view, album view, clicking on your page name from the post, or clicking on a tagged person or page’s name in your post). The pink shows you the post’s number of likes, comments and shares.
  • Promote allows you to boost your post – similar to how you create an ad, you can take an already created post and boost it, so that either friends of your fans see it, or you can set a certain demographic to see it.



Your Fans.

This is a great section. You can see the full demographics of all the fans on your page, and notice who likes you more in what areas.

  • The People who like your Page. You have “Your fans,” which is obvious, and “All Facebook,” which is a stat for every person on Facebook. For instance, I have 74% of my fans as females – Facebook in its entirety has 46% women users. In my 24-34 section, 24% of my users are that age, but in all of Facebook, it is just 11.8%.
  • Country. This is the country they list on their profile as currently being in.
  • City. This is the city they list themselves as currently being in.
  • Language. This is the language their Facebook is set to.


People Reached.

These are the same type of demographics as above – but for the people who saw your posts in the last 28 days. It gives you a good clue as to who has been recently looking at your posts. You have People Reached, the recent viewers, and Your Fans, which includes all of your fans. Some of these people may not be fans.


People Engaged.

Again, same demographics, but for people who have liked, commented on, or shared your posts. You have People Engaged, and Your Fans. Some of these people may not be fans.



This runs the same way. You will have to have had more than 30 people checking into your location – but it will look the same as the others. You’ll have Check-ins, and Your Fans. Some people who check in may not be fans.



Wow, what a trip! Three parts to explaining the ins and outs of the stats of Facebook may seem complicated, but if you take it a step at a time, you’ll probably get it in just a few days. Facebook makes it seem complicated with all of the sections, charts, and various explanations, and you may have been afraid to dive in and look because you didn’t understand it. I hope I’ve explained it better for you here, so you can learn how to manage your page, write and post more effective posts and photos, and get a better grasp on Likes and business through your Facebook page.

Jenna Schwartz is a boutique newborn and child photographer in Henderson, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. She also markets for local search with clients, optimizing hundreds of sites a month for organic search results with local search marketing, as well as website creation and design, social media optimization, social media campaigns and management, sales page creation and more. You can find her on Facebook or view her websites for newborns and portraits.

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Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 3