MCP Newborn Photography Workshop – Now Available Whenever, Wherever

MCP Newborn Photography Workshop – Now Available Whenever, Wherever



Ready to take your newborn photography to the next level? Want to learn the secrets to perfect posing and master those dreamy, creamy edits?

Our popular newborn workshop is now available on a USB flash drive. This pre-recorded course puts all the info from our newborn workshop at your fingertips, so you can hone your skills without having to rearrange your life. Best of all, you can watch it again and again; any time you need a quick refresher.

This one-of-a-kind educational experience includes tips to help you prepare for your newborn sessions: Set up your studio to make sessions go smoothly, learn soothing secrets, prepare beanbag shots, nail those amazing sleepy poses, and transition easily from pose to pose. You’ll also learn crucial safety tips and editing techniques. We cover it all!

Your pre-recorded workshop offers more than six hours of narrated instructional video to help you achieve fantastic newborn images. Photographers at all skill levels can learn and improve from the tips in our workshop, but we do recommend you have a working knowledge of exposure, manual camera settings, and basic Photoshop before you begin.  Plus, when you purchase this amazing class, you’ll also be invited to join a private, active Facebook Forum where you can learn from fellow newborn photographers and even have questions answered by Tracy of Memories by TLC. This is a one-of-a-kind group, and ONLY open to our newborn workshop alumni!

For more information about this class: ~~ CLICK HERE ~~


Watch a short video to learn more here.

Here’s was past class attendees have to say:

 (and since images speak volumes, view pre-class and post class photos from the attendees – and see how much they improved after learning our secrets):

Rachel Christiansen:

“I dove into newborn photography because I was in love with the sweet, peaceful images of slumbering newborns I was seeing everywhere. I quickly discovered those images did not come easily. After a handful of frustrating sessions, I searched for help. With my own baby at home, I couldn’t travel, so I was thrilled to find this workshop to build my skills. The workshop gave me the ability and skills to create a professional session, from booking to product fulfillment. I learned to prepare families for their newborn’s first portraits and how to keep them comfortable as I worked with their baby. I apply the soothing techniques, lighting and studio setup, and safety elements to each and every one of my sessions. I am able to fill galleries with the peaceful images I adore, and my clients love the memories I have captured for them.” 

Nikki Baldwin:

“The MCP Newborn Photography Workshop gives you confidence, comfort, support, and encouragement to get started in Newborn Photography. Best of all, I can watch it from my own home, and at my own pace. All I can say is a picture is worth a thousand words — you can see my first picture before and after the workshop — and judge for yourself.”
Sally Salerno:
“The Newborn Photography Workshop was AMAZING! Tracy is an incredible teacher. I learned so much from her. She went over every pose in great detail. Out of all the workshops I have taken, this one is, by far, the BEST! There really is no better workshop. If you are considering this class, GO FOR IT!”
If you are ready to take incredible photos of newborns, learn more and PURCHASE OUR CLASS HERE. Want to make your editing even easier, we also have the best, most comprehensive newborn actions on the market: Buy Newborn Necessities for Photoshop or Elements.
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MCP Newborn Photography Workshop – Now Available Whenever, Wherever