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Nico Therin’s intriguing images are photographic puns

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Nico Therin’s intriguing images are photographic puns

Photographer Nico Therin is a fan of puns, so he has decided to use them as ideas for his photography project, which is both minimalist and clever.

There are two types of people: those who love puns and those who will heave each time they hear one. Photographer Nico Therin appears to be in the former category and this is a good thing, as it has resulted in an amusing collection of photos.

The artist is the author of an interesting photo series that consists of photographic puns. Nico uses two or more unrelated objects and takes a photo of them. When you combine the names of the subjects, you will get the word and the shot will finally make total sense.

The photographic puns of the clever and funny Nico Therin

Nico Therin prefers a clean approach to a photo shoot. His photography style is as minimalist as it gets. The backgrounds are clean and simple and the subjects are pretty straightforward.

The photographer is aiming to make the viewers think and to put your mind to the test, although they will eventually notice that the answers are not very complicated.

Quick thinking is making the difference when it comes to puns. Nico adds that he enjoys creating photos that are intriguing enough to stir the viewer’s curiosity, so he will probably keep doing this for a while.

Nevertheless, he will always look for the simplest things when he comes up with a new shot, so you may want to pay attention to his “puns”.

More details about photographer Nico Therin

The artist was born in France 26 years ago. He has lived in Bordeaux for about two decades, while now he is living in the wonderful city of Los Angeles.

While most photographers definitely want to get into a photography school, Nico Therin is claiming that he randomly stumbled in such school.

Nico is a commercial photographer who likes working in a studio. The main reason for that is because he can control everything this way and there are no external factors that could ruin a photo shoot.

It is easily noticeable that the photographer is a funny person. He says that he likes to have fun because “it’s always worth it”.

You will find simplicity in subjects such as nuts, syringes, coffee, bubbles, corks, and more. The entire portfolio can be found at Nico Therin’s official website, where you will find out that the photographer is not afraid of outdoors and that he enjoys surfing.

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Nico Therin’s intriguing images are photographic puns