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MIOPS is a camera trigger with plenty of aces up its sleeve

MIOPS is a camera trigger with plenty of aces up its sleeve

MIOPS is a dedicated high-speed DSLR camera and flash trigger, which comes packed with a set of amazing features and which can be easily controlled with the help of your Android or iOS smartphone.

Camera triggers have always been a “problem” for photographers. The issue here is that the ones created by the camera makers are very expensive and they do not provide very many features. Cheaper, third-party options are available on the market, but not very many people trust them.

MIOPS may well be the last camera and flash trigger that you will ever buy, as it is not very expensive, it is compatible with most DSLRs, and it comes packed with an incredible list of tools. The product is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and will become available later this year.

MIOPS is a brand new camera and flash trigger available through Kickstarter.

What is MIOPS?

MIOPS is a camera and flash trigger. It can activate your DSLR or your flash, while also being capable of triggering both of them at the same time. It is very small and lightweight and it can be mounted easily onto your shooter via the hot shoe.

The device comes with an LCD screen, which displays a friendly user interface. For the right price, MIOPS will be even easier to setup, courtesy of a smartphone application.

The project maker will release an Android and iOS application, that will allow users to input all the settings they want.

This device connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0, which is using very little power, so battery life will not be of major concern. MIOPS can be recharged via a conventional USB cable.

On the other hand, the camera trigger connects to your DSLR via a 2.5mm cable and to your flash unit via a 3.5mm cable.

What does MIOPS feature?

This camera trigger has several built-in sensors, including light, sound, laser, and infrared.

The light sensor is aimed at high-speed photography and it detects sudden light changes. This is why it is available in the “Lightning” mode for capturing beautiful photos of a lightning. MIOPS will detect the lightning automatically and will trigger the camera, using the exposure settings selected by the user.

The sound sensor works best in a studio environment. You can capture the exact moment when you break something or customize the sensor to suit your needs.

The laser sensor detects incoming laser beams. Once the beam is broken, the camera will be triggered, and you would have put the “Laser” mode to good use.

MIOPS comes with an infrared sensor, too, so you can use your old IR remote to activate your camera or your flash.

When will MIOPS become available?

The Kickstarter project is still about 30 days away from being completed. However, MIOPS has already reached its minimum goal of $75,000. This means that the device is sure to be released on the market.

According to the developers, MIOPS will begin shipping in December 2014 and there are plenty of more units in stock.

More details along with information on how to customize this trigger are available on its official Kickstarter page, so make sure to give it a thorough read!

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MIOPS is a camera trigger with plenty of aces up its sleeve