Panasonic GM2 camera to feature an electronic viewfinder

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Panasonic GM2 camera to feature an electronic viewfinder

Panasonic GM2 is rumored to be next mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds image sensor to be launched by the Japan-based company right before the beginning of the Photokina 2014.

The rumor mill has repeatedly claimed that Panasonic is working on a new Micro Four Thirds camera. One by one, sources have ruled out the launches of a GF, G, or GH shooters, leaving only the GM and GX series.

As the introduction of a replacement for the higher-end GX7 seemed unlikely, many people have suspected that a new GM model is up for launch. Now, 43rumors is able to confirm the speculation with an inside source, revealing that the Panasonic GM2 camera will be announced in the near future.

Panasonic GM1
Panasonic will replace the GM1 with the GM2 in the near future. The new camera will feature a built-in electronic viewfinder.

Panasonic GM2 camera poised to replace the GM1 soon

Panasonic launched the GM1 in 2013 as the world’s smallest and light mirrorless cameras. The shooter is also very cheap and it comes packed with an attractive set of features. As a result, photographers have welcomed the product and the company has claimed that the GM series is a “hit”, so it is here to stay.

An unnamed source is saying that the Panasonic GM2 will become official in the near future. Additionally, some details have been provided. The GM1 replacement will come packed with an integrated electronic viewfinder, which is an major improvement over the GM1.

Despite the addition of an EVF, the GM2 will remain a very compact camera, therefore the fans of the GM line-up will not be disappointed. Amazon is selling the GM1 for a price around $570.

Panasonic could add 4K video recording to the GM2

An exact announcement date has not been provided, but it is said that the GM2 will be the only mirrorless camera to be unveiled by Panasonic around the Photokina 2014.

Sources are speculating that the shooter will be able to capture videos at 4K resolution. This would also be a great feature, although potential buyers should contain their happiness, as these are just gossip talks for now.

Compact camera with a Four Thirds sensor also rumored to be unveiled soon

It is worth reminding that Panasonic is also working on a compact camera with a Four Thirds sensor. It does not have a name, yet, so it is unclear whether we are talking about the LX8 or not.

The Lumix LX8 is said to replace the Lumix LX7 at the end of August, but trusted sources have not revealed any new information about the camera.

This sounds like an exciting end of summer, so stay tuned for more details!

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Panasonic GM2 camera to feature an electronic viewfinder