Improve Your Newborn Photography with These 4 Easy Tips

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Improve Your Newborn Photography with These 4 Easy Tips

One of the hardest things to master in newborn photography are angles. We often get caught up in the poses, the props, the fabrics and all the other details and sometimes we forget about angles. It is amazing how moving our bodies and cameras ever so slightly can dramatically impact the look and feel of an image. A simple change in angles can turn a good image into a breath taking image. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the best angles when photographing newborns.

1. Always avoid shooting up the nose. It really isn’t flattering when the angle of the image shows up the babies nose and their nostrils. One way to avoid this, especially in top down images is to stand right over top of the baby making sure your camera is right above the babies brow shooting directly down and focusing on the corner of one eye rather then having your camera at their chin and shooting up. Always be sure to wear your camera strap, especially during these top down shots.




2. Be sure to move around. I always shoot from many different perspectives with the same pose. I usually know by looking through the view finder which angle I will prefer but many times when I am going through the images during editing I will find a different angle that I fall in love with. Don’t be afraid to move around and try new angles.

angle 33. Focus and recompose using your center focal point so you compose images in camera. If you are comfortable toggling your focus you can also achieve many different looks by toggling your focus. During one pose I will shoot straight on and then I will focus, tilt and recompose. A simple camera tilt will change the look of an image. I will do several variations of this with each pose.

angle4 angles 5

*In both of the above examples the babies never moved. The only thing that changed was my camera angle.

4. When doing prop shots I pose the babies according to what angles I will be shooting. For example, if I am shooting top down in a basket then I always know to make sure the babies face is tilted upwards toward the camera so that I see their face.

angle 6

Have fun and be creative! Don’t be afraid to move around. You may surprise yourself with a new favorite pose-angle.

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Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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Improve Your Newborn Photography with These 4 Easy Tips