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Lisa Holloway captures dreamy portraits of her 10 children

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Lisa Holloway captures dreamy portraits of her 10 children

Photographer Lisa Holloway captures dreamy portraits of her 10 children enjoying life somewhere in the rural landscapes of Northwestern Arizona.

Lisa Holloway is not your everyday mother. Her life would not be defined as “normal” by most of us. However, we are saying this in a good way, as Lisa is embracing life along with her most precious treasures: her 10 children.

As all kids bring joy to a family, you can only imagine how many beautiful moments you have to capture on camera when you are a mother of 10 kids. This is exactly what photographer Lisa Holloway is doing, as the results are whimsical portraits of her beautiful children.

Photographer and mother of 10, Lisa Holloway, captures magical portraits of her kids

The artist admits that one of the most often asked questions goes like this: how do you manage it all? Being a commercial photographer is not easy, but Lisa Holloway says that she is rarely doing photo shoots for clients nowadays, because she wants to focus on her family and her teaching.

We can only be happy about this because Lisa now has more time to capture some great portraits of her 10 kids.

If you are wondering about this family of 12, Lisa and her husband have three girls and seven boys aged between 1 and 17. We will name them from youngest to oldest: Gabriel, Elliott, Octavia, Camille, Quentin, Adrian, Theron, Damien, Calista, and Clint.

Everyone has his “pride and joy”, so you can already be sure who qualifies in this category for Lisa.

Lighting is the key when it comes to children photography

One of the key aspects in photography is lighting. Lisa Holloway makes use of “beautiful lighting” therefore the end results are simply astonishing.

Although most portraits have been captured in the landscapes of rural Arizona, the photographer is not afraid of going indoors, where she has better control over the lighting.

What started as a way to keep track of her children’s growth, has turned into a full-scale portrait photo project that is gathering admirers from all over the world.

All of Lisa Holloway’s photos are simply amazing

Lisa may have been “forced” to reduce the amount of photo shoots for clients, but you can find lots of ethereal portraits of kids other than her own at the artist’s official website.

Looking at the photos, it is easy to notice that her talent is natural and that she is one of the best children photographers in the world.

As usual, we are inviting you to grab a cup of coffee and take a closer look at these whimsical portraits!

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Lisa Holloway captures dreamy portraits of her 10 children