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Metabones Speed Booster Ultra brings Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX cameras

Metabones Speed Booster Ultra brings Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX cameras

Metabones has introduced the Speed Booster Ultra adapter allowing Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount users to attach Canon EF lenses to their mirrorless cameras.

Micro Four Thirds owners have recently gained the ability to mount Canon EF lenses on their shooters, courtesy of a new Metabones Speed Booster.

The company has decided to update one of its previous adapters: the one which makes it possible to attach Canon EF optics to Sony NEX and Fuji X-mount cameras.

The brand new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra is here with a series of impressive features that will make the purchase worthwhile.

Speed Booster Ultra
Metabones Speed Booster Ultra is here to allow Sony E-mount users to mount Canon EF lenses on their mirrorless cameras.

Mount Canon EF lenses on Sony NEX cameras using the new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra

First of all, we should note that only the Sony E-mount version is available for now, while the Fujifilm version will most likely go on sale sometime in the near future.

This adapter comes with a brand new optical design, which consists of five elements in four groups. Image quality is enhanced by tantalum-based glass, which reduces vignetting while improving sharpness in the corners.

Additionally, distortion is corrected in order to make sure that the quality of your camera and lens will not be suppressed.

The new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra will widen the lens as well as increase the aperture by one f-stop. The crop factor decreased from 1.5x to 1.07x, so the Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens will become a 35.5mm f/0.9 lens on a Sony NEX camera.

Metabones’ new adapter even supports autofocus in some lenses

The adapter features electronic contacts, meaning that the aperture can be controlled directly from the camera. Moreover, the Metabones Speed Booster Ultra offers partial autofocus support. Lots of Canon lenses were released after 2006, but the speed will be quite slow, while continuous autofocus mode is not supported.

Metabones has confirmed that most third-part EF-mount lenses will work with Sony E-mount cameras. The list includes Tokina, Sigma, and Tamron among others.

It is worth mentioning that the Speed Booster Ultra is compatible with Sony E-mount full frame cameras, such as the A7R and A7s. However, the shooters will enter crop mode when the adapter is attached.

One important thing is that the image stabilization technology is supported, too, so blur will not be among your list of concerns. The Canon EF lens to Sony NEX Speed Booster Ultra is available now for about $650 at Metabones’ website.

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Metabones Speed Booster Ultra brings Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX cameras