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The lives of nomads in Mongolia as documented by Brian Hodges

The lives of nomads in Mongolia as documented by Brian Hodges

Photographer Brian Hodges has captured a series of amazing portraits of nomads in Mongolia, in order to document the lives of the people who need to travel their country in order to survive.

We are living in the era of easy access to communications and transport means. It is very simple to connect with people from the other side of the world at the touch of a few buttons on a small device and even to travel to them in a giant metal object capable of flying.

Getting to know and to meet people is easier than ever before, so photographer Brian Hodges has decided to take advantage of the tools at his disposal in order to document the lives of nomadic tribes in Mongolia.

The documentary photos of nomads in Mongolia captured by Brian Hodges

People living in today’s society are taking lots of things for granted. Uninterrupted access to water, electricity, or simply having a place to call “home” is something that most people in developed countries have at their disposal.

However, things are different for some people living in Mongolia. There are lots of Mongolians who are referred to as nomads because they have to move their “home” as the seasons change.

The nomads in Mongolia are still forming communities, but they need to migrate throughout the year in order to make sure that extreme temperatures or environmental conditions do not affect them as well as their animals.

Photographer Brian Hodges has traveled to Mongolia to meet these people and to find out more about their way of life. His experiences have been documented through a series of great photos, which include portraits showing that these people can still smile without having the latest smartphone in their pockets.

Some details about photographer Brian Hodges

The story of Brian Hodges begins in Los Angeles, where he was born. The photographer describes himself as a craftsman who enjoys to take things apart and to build them from scratch.

He studied at the University of Colorado, but moved to Paris, France after getting his degree in software engineering. His destiny changed when a friend showed him a Mamiya camera. Somehow he has managed not to break it, instead choosing to take some photos with it.

It was love at first sight as now Brian Hodges is a popular photographer who has won lots of awards and has been featured in numerous magazines.

The ambidextrous artist speaks three languages and has visited over 50 countries. More photos, including the ones depicting nomads in Mongolia, and details about the author can be found at his personal website.

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The lives of nomads in Mongolia as documented by Brian Hodges